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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/15/2000 21:30 (Entered as : 7/15/00 21:30)
Reported: 10/5/2000 01:33
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: New City, NY
Shape: Triangle
Duration:Saw a UFO
i saw 2 different sightings of UFO's and someone else saw them too. They have come back to haunt me in dreams and scaring me!

I saw the objects 2 different times. It was very scary. One day I was walking down to my house from hanging out w/ my friends...the half a mile walk by my self is pretty fun...i look at the stars and plains that pass by. but not this day. i looked up in the sky to see a very bright figure. there was 4 lights. 3 lights plain white normal BRIGHT BRIGHT lights were making the shape of a triangle. The other light was in the middle...the light in the middle yet was much different, it was kind of changing colours. It was pink then red then blue then green then yellow. i stopped walking and stared at it for over 4 min. i looked up and it stopped the figure stopped. then it went diagnal and turned over as if it were going upside down then it turned back up...i think it was showing off its stunts. the UFO made a humming sound which was pretty loud. The sight was unforgetable and the UFO was low. I know the UFO was no bigger then the lenghth of a whale-watching boat. This made me then believe in aliens, but then... There was a second time and this was more unforgetable. I went outside to my best friends house which is a couple of blocks away...when i came home i saw it again. it was scary yet unforgetting again the exact same ship as last time exept it was much much lower and much much wasn't any hight then the hight of 2 3 floor houses. It followed me home and thats what scared me. but the weirdest part was my first sighting i was all alone no one to be near me at all yet i called one of my friends and told him i saw a UFO my best friend which was not w/ me the first time was on the phone w/ her friend and said she saw one too. we were not w/ eachother yet we both saw it and had witnesses that we said we saw it...the second time she said she heard it and i said i saw it and heard it and thats all that has ever happened but listen...i don't know if i should be telling you this because i have had several of dreams telling me not to tell anyone what happened! Please pray for my health and don't think i am crazy