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Occurred : 10/9/2000 18:45 (Entered as : 10/09/00 18:45)
Reported: 10/17/2000 20:35
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Border, WY
Shape: Teardrop
Duration:5 to 8 minutes
We saw a big, bright, white teardrop that seemed to rotate/shift its light and a second object seemed to split from this one.

My husband and I were driving west on I-80 from Nebraska into Wyoming at sunset. We saw a number of vapor trails from planes in the sky in front of us, but there was one large bright white light that didn't seem to have a trail -- or had a very small one, making it a bit teardrop-shaped, with the thin part of the drop to the left of the main light. A bit like: <O It wasn't too far above the horizon and at first we thought it might be a planet, but it seemed so large and bright. We thought it might be Venus because it looked like it might be in a crescent, but decided that it wasn't. We then realized that the light was starting brighter on the right and then dimming towards the left -- like it was sliding repeatedly in that direction or like a lighthouse beacon rotating. It didn't appear to be moving otherwise, unless it was coming very slowly towards us. I tried to grab the binoculars, but got our inferior pair and the vibration of the car made it too hard to see well. When I took the binoculars away from my eyes, I saw there were now 2 objects. I asked my husband where that other white spot had come from and he didn't know, but it looked like it had split off of the first. That second light DID move and it stayed around the first. As I recall, it came from the right and swerved around in front and down. And then suddenly they were both gone! We think it lasted all of 5 to 8 minutes. A little later on, further south and a bit higher (I can't recall the time or place -- Wyoming, near Cheyenne?). I think it wasn't too long after the first two lights disappeared. We thought it was a star, but seemed (again) quite big and bright. It, too, was white. I thought it might be a plane, but it didn't move like any I'd seen. It seemed to be moving towards us and it seemed like we might pass it soon, but we never caught up to it. We couldn't tell in what direction it was traveling; it might have been just back and forth, very slowly. It, too, didn't appear totally round, but was a bit more teardrop-shaped, but the thin part was to the right this time. This light we saw for about 15 minutes (?) and it eventually disappeared. We weren't watching it non-stop, but we certainly didn't pass it or see it fade in size or brightness as if it went off somewhere. Any ideas anyone? A very odd thing, to be sure.

((NUFORC Note: Please see other sighting reports of a red light for this date for several locations in the U. S.. PD))