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Occurred : 9/10/1995 21:12 (Entered as : 09/10/95 9:12)
Reported: 10/15/2000 09:26
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Quebec (Canada), PQ
Shape: Light
Duration:16 mins
fast white light decelerating to a complete stop and taking off again at a very slow pace,then shutdown.

Hi I just recently managed to have access to the internet and decided to report our sighting which occured 5 years ago on september the 10th 1995 at 9:12pm. We were three fisherman that evening fishing in our secret fishing spot on the jauques cartier river by shannon and the military base. We have never publicly reported this sighting since we fishing on the wrong side of the fence, inotherwords at the first bridge on the military base valcartier. The great thing is that we were three witnesses that seen this incrideble sighting. This was the last legal trout fishing day and even though we were fishing on the wrong side of the fence this sighting could of been seen from the shannon side off the fence. So from my opinion this has nothing to with the military and I claim this because of a different reason which I mention in this report in detail since I was the only one to see this. And I will wait and see if somebody seen something similar inorder to make sure that hoaxters wont use this part of information. Now me and my friend are writing this report together to get the details as accurate as possible. Our third friend has moved a few years ago, so he is not with us for now. So at 12 minutes after 9 that night it was a crystall clear night. There were so many stars out that night and not one single cloud in the sku. There was absolutely no wind and it was starting to get cold. All of a sudden my friend shouts out to me and my other friend hey look at that wow. So I looked at the northwesterly direction and there was this very precise white ligtht slightly larger than the north star, bigger than any star in that present night sky full of stars, so there is nothing blurry about this light. And when I seen this way high up in and coming so incredibly fast the power and speed is just out of this world, I Immediately knew that this is it. I have worked as a dog handler in west germany for the british of the rhine and I was out for many nights with my dog and I have seen many meterites and have more experience than most people with meterite sightings, and this is why I knew that this is it. My two friends were afraid a little but I had the instant reaction of looking at my watch for the time and in my head I said that I am not going to blink my eyes once. Believe me I had tears running down my eyes by the time this was over. So this light came in so fast and slowed down to a complete halt right above our heads, I was so happy inside off me because I instantly knew I was dealing with the real thing. And it stayed there immobile without moving at all. this maybe for a good 6 minutes. If we didn,t see it coming we would of never noticed it because with so many stars out that night it was very well camouflashed in a sense. But right from the beginning off this whit lights stop I pulled out my bic lighter and was jumping up and down and shouting at it hey come down come, and my friends stopped me because they were really scared at this point. But I wasn,t I am the type of guy that would jump right into the saucer with them were this to happen. I respect all life in the universe, and I believe this is very important and a very evolved way of thinking. I would like to mention that humankind may not reach this goal with the way we treat our enviroment and wildlife. Mankind may need another 20,000 years or so of research in order to be technologically adavanced enough to surpass the speed off galactictic expansion. Anyways I respected my two friends, and to be honest I had a little heart beat myself. The whole time it was in its immobile state I tried to figure out if whether there was any movement whatsoever but from being under neather it there was no movement whatsoever, it seemed to be descending it hard to tell. Also with my lighter clicking I was thinking to myself that if this was a saucer it must off seen my clicking, I even held the lighter in front of my nose to make sure to make sure that what ever was up there seen my face. Well all three of us still fixed on this because if I would of looked elsewhere and looked back at it with so many stars out that night I might of lost sight of it, then again maybe not because in a sense it was the biggest star three times the pinpoint size of a normal star. Besides all off a sudden it took off again in the same direction it was going to in the first place but really slow and constant towards the pmq section of the military base valcartier. I think a tiny plane could off went faster than this ridicoulously slow pace, compared to the full power high speed it came at. So to recap, it took about five seconds from the complete far horizon since we were standing in an open space to come to a complete halt. Then it stayed in this camouflashed starlight state for about at least 4 minutes, Then as it was over civilisation well the pmqs. it all of a sudden shout out its light with a double flicker, we are talking milliseconds here, my two friends didn,t see this shut down electric feeling of the light, but this is where I believe my keeping eyes on it the whole time payed off. This double flicker electric feeling is hard to explain in writing but I think I am describing this well. And thats it. I would also like to mention that there was absolutely no trail and sound whatsoever. At about 9:40 we could hear a small plane coming from the west and we could hear this so well. So we packed our bags, and headed back through the woods in a very dark trail towards the shannon bridge. Something very strange happened though. My two friends were well ahead of me and without giving any information of what I saw amazed up to this day. All I will say to you is that it is very small and alive, and 1 inch long. I will never tell anybody what that was because I will wait and see if there is any report that has seen this same thing. It is a gift for my lighter clicking because even though it is similar to an earth creature, it doesn,t exist in the books, and nobody ever seen something like this. The last hint I will give is that it came and looked at me straight inbetween the two eyes. So beware to any hoaxters you will have to be very precise in your sighting to match what I saw. This way I will be sure the day somebody reports something exactly the same, well then I will tell you what this was. Up to now no one ever has mentioned something similar so we will leave this at that. I developed a great interest in sightings in the past few years and whenever there are those people with white light sightings I listen very carefully. I would like to give a final opininion, about this, I don, think that the military has anything to do with this. I have a very good reason for that. So I am absolutely not ashamed to report this sighting since we are three fisherman that seen this. I don,t care what anybody says, but If anybody could off seen the tremendous speed and deceleration of this machine, and the sneaky way of camouflashing itself in it immobile state well I think anybody would go nuts. But what happened after is a payback for the courage of flicking that lighter on and off. I hope this will be well recorded in the history books of the future, even though it is more or less a simple sighting compared to some other sightings. Maybe there are radar system records archived somewhere inorder to verify this sighting. I would also like to congratulate the UFO reporting center for thier work in trying to solve the mystery, I am now positive that humankind will succeed in proving these ufo sightings. So I tried the best I could and as honestly as I could in this report. This sighting terminated at exactly 9:28 PM September the 10th 1995