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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/20/2000 16:00 (Entered as : 20/09/00 16:00)
Reported: 10/26/2000 08:10
Posted: 12/2/2000
Location: Dahab (Sinai),
Shape: Changing
Duration:Approx five seconds
Morphing, definate object changing speeds and shape whilst going from one side of the sky to the other.

Three of us were lying on a roof in Dahab, the Sinai, Egypt. We were all looking at the sky which had become black half an hour before. There were lots of stars, sattelites and shooting stars. It was quite entertaining and we were talking. Suddenly without speaking we all looked at an object which at the time I thought was a hovering bird of prey. After aproximately two or three seconds the object travelled quickly in the sky directly across our orientation. Suddenly I thought it was a teridactle(prehistoric bird) by the look of its bent around "boomerang" shape and it seemed to move very quickly and effortlessly as if it were gliding. It glided directly above and across us. Suddenly it seemed to change shape into a triangular, hard object which moved as if it were on one part of the sky but still in another. It was a short distance that the triangular shape moved and then object disapeared. We didn't talk for about two minutes, we just laughed. All three of us had realized there was no explanation on earth of what we had seen except that it were an alien spacecraft. It varied speed dramatically, changed shape and we didn't believe anything of earth had capabilities like that no matter how much technology had advanced. I thought about Saudi Arabian technology and thought there was no way as it was almost as if I had seen photographs or pictures of such things a fairly long time ago. Myself and the two others were so definate about what we had seen that we went to the local bar straight afterwards and told everybody. When we talked about it we thought initialy it had looked like a cloud, then a hovering griffin or eagle, then a boomerang or terridactle, then a hard straight edged spacecraft sort of thing. All three of us had a long experience with smoking grass but we know you don't see things like that on grass and two of us have smoked for two years continously. As usual we smoked a lot that night. Two of us were working in Dahab as dive guides and the other person, the Gay Australian we had met as a dive customer. We had lived at the house for about two months and often sat on the roof watching the sky. Imeddiately after it happened I climbed down the ladder and asked the couple sitting downstairs, outside if the had seen it, they hadn't and were a bit reluctant to consider it a UFO. I can tell you I am quite liberated and will take drugs, discuss sex in the open and am twenty two years old. My flatmate who saw it is also liberated and we both have a history with electronic music, drugs and diving. The gay Australian was obviously liberated and very open minded. We were all very pleasant people, between twenty and thirty and I think were up with the times and were modern young at heart. None of the characteristics below apply