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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/4/1978 19:30 (Entered as : 10/4/78 7:30 pm)
Reported: 10/31/2000 06:49
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:twenty minutes
eight foot flurescant globe puts out lights then floats through antenna farm missing a dozen towers and a hundred cables

i was on the phone long distance to harrisburg i was talking to a friend who was the gov. receptionist she was at home when suddenly all the lights went out in our neighborhood i heard the emergency gas generator come on it was highly unusual to my knowlege except for hurricane hazel in the 50's and an april wet snow that knock down some lines also in the 50's this was a first a local blackout during great weather my and i were star gazing out of our bedroom window it was a clear warm evening it was dark you could see to infinity from our perch above the tree tops we could watch the planes come in from the west of the city could see their incadesant lights ten minutes before they banked to the left and got ready to land at the airport we could see the flight patterens that swirl around that part of the metropolitan area there was no other air traffic in the area our window faced west to our right the ground rose up suddenly to form the ridgeline that is now avenue from the right of center the ground fell away to form a shallow valley surrounded by more rige lines except for that old franciscan friery at the end of the block that occupied a point of land directly in front of us we could scan the horizen for a hundred degrees or more i almost forgot the antenna farm in roxboro about seven miles away to the west about a dozen or so of them rose up 1500 feet or more they were invisible except for the dozens of rubie like lights that warned pilots to stay clear except for those lights and the fire tower lights coutousy of the emergency generator there was nothing but blackness i glanced to my right nothing but trees and roof tops as the ground rose up to block my view i glanced to my left nothing but those antenna lights i turned towards the center and shazaam! there is a globe of light eight to ten feet in diameter just floating silently at the end of my block i started to describe the scene to my friend over the phone it was bluish white like some giant flurescant light bulb i kept trying to see the aircraft that was supporting the light some undercarrige or something there was nothing just this silent globe of soft flurescant light hovering 300 ft away about sixty five feet off the ground you could see the trees that surrounded the friery behind the object you could tell the size and distance because you could see it was hovering over the corner of and one half city block away i kept talking to harrisburg as the globe started to slowly move on a direct line to our vantage point at our windoe ten feet twenty maybe fifty feet it came then without stopping the thing started moving to my left accross the venue (?) i saw the front and now i could see the side and back as it continued to "float" silently accross the shallow vally towards those red lights over atthe antenaa farm we watched it for almost ten minutes float ilently towards certain doom in the spires and cables that described the antenna complex i think i said something about the "vehicle" getting clipped by the guide cables or hitting a tower i thought we were going to see a crash it kept going towards those damn lights the globe was about to smash into that juble of cable steel and towers when what seemed impossible happened the globe glided harmlessly through the center of the antenna farm right through the mid point not over not around but through maybe hundreds of cables and a dozen or so communication towers without hitting anything it continued on in the same fashion until it disappeared into the night a few minutes later the electricity came back on the next day the local newspaper reported that the blackout was due to a squirrel or something the paper said the lights were out for 27 minutes over the next few years we saw other more astounding ufo activity in this half block area wait til i tell you about the pulsating red balls of light pulsating in segments like an orange from deep purple to bright scarlet seemingly undulating in a counter clockwise motion around the axis they appeared on several occassions each time getting a bit closer to us it changed the way i understood reality i used to be a skeptic i didnt believe in anything that could not be defined in the classic three dimensions