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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/8/1997 18:20 (Entered as : 8/8/1997 18.20)
Reported: 11/7/2000 09:45
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Tadley (UK/England),
Shape: Circle
Duration:40 mins
cluster of ufo's over Hampshire, England

I felt I wanted to tell you about my families experience of what I have no dealt was a sighting of UFO's on August the 8th 1997. It all started on this warm sunny evening at 6.20pm when my family & I were just finishing our meal in the garden, when for some reason I glanced up at the sky just above the roof of our house, and saw what I thought at first was a cluster of silver balloons of various sizes tethered together high in the sky, they were very high, and as I was trying gather what direction the balloons were travelling, I saw them all moving apart into fixed positions ( see drawing) then move to another, which made me think balloons can't do that so precisely. I said to my family to look up there at these balloons and tell me what do you see, my wife, son of 22 & daughter of 19 looked and said they look like those silver foil balloons, as they were reflecting the suns rays just like a prism does with rainbow colours. Because they kept forming the same positions over and over again, then reforming into a tight group as they drifted over the sky, we became more suspicious of the first thought, and more convinced they were under some control. I must point out we have never seen anything like this before, and we all know what balloons look like in the sky, as I used to sell & fly all kinds of balloons including silver foils, so we have some idea from our experiences over the years what to look for to identify the object and it's distance in relation to other things around.But because it was a cloudless sky that day, there was only a number of gliders around to judge how high they were and the size of them, our opinion through binoculars was that they were very large of various sizes and very high in the sky, we estimated about 40,000 feet or more. After about 20 minutes of taking turns through the binoculars tracking them across the sky, they disappeared out of sight right above us. I also thought as we live near the Atomic Weapon Establishment, these objects seemed to be above that site and moving in a south east direction towards Basingstoke. It must have been about ten minutes after the objects had gone, when we were looking around the sky to see if we could spot them any where else, then suddenly from the north very low in the sky, two silver grey round objects one above the other shot across my line of sight (see sketch 4) it was very amassing to see these objects so close up and moving in tandem together, as if they were letting us see them and moving closer together and apart again, just to show they were under control, both objects seem to have a flash of light surrounding them on one side as if they were spinning, and they were completely quiet,they disappeared as suddenly as they appeared, just if they switched them selves off like a light. They reminded me of two large ball bearings about the size , this is difficult to judge when you have not seen anything like this before, so is the problem of height in the sky, I would hassard a guess and say the objects were about10feet across and about 2-3 thousand feet high. We were all struck by the aura they created within us and to this day we wish someone could explain to us what we had seen and if anyone else has seen something like this. I contacted 'Quest' and they sent me a form to fill in, I described exactly just what I had seen but I have not herd anything from them, which is why I have written this letter to you in the hope you or someone else with knowledge of UFO's can enlighten us to what we had seen. Since writting this account, I have been watching many programmes on TV , and have noticed other people around the world have seen simular objects and in this formation, but no one yet has seen what we saw, two objects close up like that. Yours sincerely ((name deleted))