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Occurred : 11/16/2000 23:03 (Entered as : 11/16/00 23:03)
Reported: 11/17/2000 00:53
Posted: 2/11/2003
Location: Everett, WA
Shape: Other
Duration:5 Seconds
Brilliant Streak: 'Lands' at Everett Mall

Just passing Everett Mall Exit, on I-5 Northbound; at 11:03 PM Thursday Evening ... I witnessed a VERY Bright Light just above the inside [left of center] of my rear veiw mirror ... It seemed to have appeared out of no were .... as I am nearly certain of NO tree line to have obscured the view of it to have emerged from ... It was traveling from from Right to Left { East to (generally)West begining (I would guess) aproxamatly 300 feet [perhaps a bit more] above the arterial exit path [nearly perfectly] HORIZONTALY as I aproched at aproxamatly 65 miles an hour .... after aproxamately 1 and 1/2 seconds it seemed to begin to "falter" .. -not so much in its trajectory , but in its "progress" ... -it seemed to (for an instant) "dim" -then "recharge" 3 times .... [ 'wink' -? ] over the next 1 and a half seconds ... as it began to "veer" towards the south slightly .... then DOWN ...arching over the tall shrub trees just along the parking lot at the north east corner of Everett Mall Bulding Complex ( Bon Marche Store) [ just behind , I believe, or over the top of the The Everett Mall Display Sign .... It was aproxamately HALF the size of my little finger nail ....with arm streached fully , palm out , fingers horizontal .... It was (at least !) as bright as the oncomming trafic lights ...(some 75-100 feet to my left [west] and , at the most "Head-on" angle ... 250-300 feet ahead of me ..., but seemed MORE intense .. as if- Burning Magnesium .... -It had about "Half" as many "Spikes' around it .. however ... smaller, fainter, more narrow towards the front ... with a few {seemingly) "shooting-out" [ in a wave-like streaching out ...] or extended may be a better discription, as these moved or varied little through-out the duration of the event ... [ exept it they 'may-have' had a slight 'streahing'/"Pulse" effect , not exactly 'normal' -"Flickering" I would expect ... It had a "Tail" .... Sort of like the kind od "Steak" you`ld see from a bright light in darkness passing quickly before you .... but more "solid" .. and "Shaped" ... as if "Painted" by a Stroke ..... (-in the nights sky ... ) As bright a the "Body" ... but not as "intense" ... (consentrated) No "Fumes" or trail of (Smokey) gaseous emitions detected .... (!) {Even though it was night ... a half moon shown clearly through the crisp clean air ....while progressing .... I noticed some scattered smatterings of fog gatherings along the lowlands aproching downtown ....} As the the last "winking" ended ... it began a steeper decent ... , but did not "Fall" -seemed to be in "Quarter - Motion" .... as I began to pass I under it .. (-it was in my full view at all times from the begining of spoting ...) it culled slightly toward the south ... I followed it with my eyes til it went between two large shrubs over the chain link fence ... I had to turn my head back to the road then (for one I had had my eyes off of it long enough ... -the road "felt' as it were ready to "curve' ... ad i could`nt twist my head comfortably back any futher ... (in my safty belted position ... ) -personal note : Well Peter ; I hope this was decriptive enough ... ( perhaps a bit TOO- "Wordy" .... ? [!] As I said in the Phone message ... -it may have been more for 911 , But , as I`ve been in the military .... -I remember NO night flares ... OR ANY thing that has LOOKED or ACTED -like this ONE ... ! [-now should I [be preparing to] expect a FULL critique at the next meeting ... ?]((name deleted))

((NUFORC Note: This witness is known to NUFORC. He describes an event seen from British Columbia, to as far south as Eugene, OR, we believe. We presume the reports describe the same event. PD))