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Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/15/1969 23:00 (Entered as : 01/15/69 23:00)
Reported: 11/21/2000 14:03
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Miami, FL
Shape: Sphere
Duration:15 Min. Plus
Sphere's appear in the room within touching distance and stay for a considerable amount of time.

[Very Close Encounter of 1968] This is an account of a very close encounter that took place in the winter of 1968 in Miami, Florida. It was a few weeks after Christmas (1968). I and my future wife (name deleted) were staying with friends for a few days. Around 10 or 11 PM we both laid down to sleep for the night. Let me describe the house a bit this well mean something later. Our friends had put us up on their living room floor with the usual blanket and pillows. The living room was adorned with a large fireplace (no fire, just for decoration I guess) which was at our head and our feet were placed at the opposite end, which to the right was the front door and to the left an open hallway to the kitchen. There was a dim light left on in the kitchen and the living room was dark except for the faint light from the kitchen. The front door was made of solid wood and had a couple of small windows in the very top, there was also a glass screen type door on the outside with glass top and bottom, both doors were locked for the night. The rest of the room contained the usual items, carpeted floors, coffee and end tables, chairs, lamps, cabinet type stereo etc. The outside of the house was adorned with large trees (maple I believe but not sure of this) and were much taller than the house and shaded it very well. And now on with the story: We hadn't lain down to long I guess and then it came! Right through the front door to the right of our feet. A ball of light about the size of a soccer ball or a 10-inch paper plate passed right through the glass door and through the wooden door. It immediately went to the ceiling over our heads paused then broke into 5 equal size pieces, danced back and forth and mixed them selves as they danced and hovered over our heads. Never getting close, as they stayed tight against the ceiling. I remember saying to ((name deleted)), "What is that?" and here reply, "I don't know." After a few seconds or minutes later one of the shapes broke from the others and started along the ceiling towards our feet and then started down the wall like it was searching for something back and forth, up and down. Let me describe the shape because this is the very interesting part. Like I said it was about 10 inches in diameter and glowed with a bright white light. There was no definite shape to the object other than the approximate size and it was circular. There was no body to the object and yet you could not see through it. All 5 of the objects were equal the best I could tell and were of the same light intensity. The strange part as the object entered the room and broke into 5 there was no light emitting from them (the room stayed dimly lit from the light in the kitchen) yet they were bright white and emitted no light. As the one object broke from the group and was on its search (or whatever it was doing) it cast no shadow on anything or lit anything brighter than itself. The light was so bright from the object that you could not see its true shape other than it was circular and spherical. Being 18, full of vinegar and not really thinking about what I was doing. I got up from where we were laying and started toward the light that was dancing on the wall. ((female's name deleted)) stayed were she was for the time being and watched. I followed the light and was within about 2 ft of it at all times and tried to visually see what it was by stretching my head within touching distance (maybe as close as 1ft.). I peered into it and was straining my eyes to see if I could tell what it was then it started down the wall and was going to go behind the stereo. My first thought was that it was going after the electrical outlet. That's when I got brave and reached out to touch it before it was gone. As soon as got with a few inches of the object it shot with amazing speed upward to the ceiling (I jumped back out of reaction) and watched it shoot through the front door the other 4 followed one by one as if in a procession line. ((femeale's name deleted)) popped up and we both went to the front door to see where they were going. I twisted the knob the door was lock with a dead bolt. I fumbled around and got the door open and then found the glass screen door lock also. Soon we were outside and seen the lights dancing above the roof of the house (approx. 14 foot off the ground) among an opening in the trees. They soon grouped together as one again and shot straight up, zigzagged a bit and left at an amazing speed. I remember saying something to ((female's name deleted)) like I have no idea what it was and her reply, "me neither." We went back inside and secured the house and lay back down. For the next 2 hours or so we heard a jet circle the area. You could here it coming closer and listen to it as it faded off in the distance and then hear it reappeared from another location. It was definitely circling the area for some reason. I figured radar must have picked up the objects we had seen or something perhaps larger where they had went. Perhaps the plane was just a coincidence and not related at all, this part doesn't really matter. It was just an observance the same night and we fell asleep listening to it fade away and return. The next morning when we woke, ((name deleted)) didn't mention anything about the night before and I got to thinking it could have been a dream and would keep it to myself till she spoke first. I anxiously got the morning paper hoping there would be something in the news about the aircraft that was circling the area or a clue to what had happened the night before. Nothing in there but the usual garbage, so I dismissed the whole thing as a dream since ((name deleted)) did not mention anything about it for the next few days. Well life went on and ((name deleted)) and I were married and eventually moved to Hanover Indiana. Several years later we were on our way home late one evening (after dark about 9pm or so) with the two girls. And we all saw a shooting star (meteorite) as it streaked across the sky. The first words out of ((name deleted)) mouth was, "Remember that time down in Florida we saw the lights in the house?" I almost run off the road! My God it wasn't a dream after all! It really did happen! After we got home and got the kids to bed I pumped ((name deleted)) to see what all she remembered and it was exactly as I did right down to the finest detail. It is really strange that we did not discuss this encounter till 8 years later and it took a meteorite streaking across the sky to open her up. I ask her why see never talked about it before and she said she really didn't know. ((name deleted)) and I were divorced a few months later. I saw her about a year ago and it was brought up in our chatting about our past encounter. She told me she felt it happened for a purpose and really didn't understand what or why it happened but it defiantly did happen. I have been in search from time to time since to find someone with a similar experience and have posted articles on several UFO message areas and was once the MUFO (Organization for Mutual UFO's) Fidonet coordinator for Indiana, KY and Ohio. I have yet to find anything really close to this encounter other than Foo lights and there's not to much talk about them anywhere and really just barely related. I have no idea what it was but it seemed peaceful, seemed to mean us no harm, did not want touched for some reason and was able to pass through solid objects (wooden door and glass). From this day in 1968 and to the present day I 2000 do believe in UFO's and close encounters and contest that all the is written here is pure fact and not fiction in anyway. It's really hard to discount something you see with your own eye close-up and have a witness to back it up. ((contributer's name deleted))