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Occurred : 11/25/2000 03:00 (Entered as : 11/25/00 03:00)
Reported: 11/27/2000 20:32
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Carrollton, GA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:1.5 hours
Two flashes of light cover ENTIRE sky - bright white followed by dark green, seen 5x in 1.5 hrs...more to story -gov't coverup? READ!!!

((NUFORC Note: We presume this report comes from a serious-minded witness, but we have no other reports of the event. PD))

Friday night was cool, rainy, and a little hazy, so myself and three other people were hanging out at one of the their house in rural Georgia. Around 12 midnight, the power went out, so we just lit some candles and chilled out. Around 2:30 am two of the people went out on to the front porch to smoke, while myself and the other person stayed inside. About 3 am, the power came on then flickered and went out again. Immediately following this we heard the two on the porch scream: "Oh my God! Ya'll get out here!" Myself and my companion just ignored them and then a few seconds later we heard: "Oh my God! Get out here now! You have got to see this!!" So myself and my companion ran out on to the front porch and our friends told us that they had just witnessed to flashes of light that covered the ENTIRE sky. Myself and my companion didn't know what to make of what our two friends had told us. My companion went into the house while I stayed out on the front porch with the two others. About 20 minutes later, the electricity came back on, flickered, and went out, then i saw the most amazing and unexplainable thing i have ever seen. The ENTIRE sky, from as far as we could see to the left to as far as we could see to the right, from the horizon to as far as we could see up, was lit up in the brightest white-ish yellow flash i have ever seen. I jumped out of my seat and began to scream for my companion in the house. About this time a second brilliant flash occurred, this one too, encompassing the ENTIRE sky. However, this flash was a brilliant flourescent dark green and, too, covered everything. But this flash had a darker, almost black, center in the middle of the sky that didn't have any distinguishing boundaries but just flowed and blended with the dark green glow that was everywhere, but no sound whatsoever followed the flashes. Now, we were just stunned and screaming for our companion. She finally came out and we tried to explain what had happened. So we all waited on the front porch again and about 20 minutes later the same sequence of events happened again. The power came on, then flickered, went off, then the bright flash followed by the dark green flash. Now we had all seen it and were stunned and going hysterical. The bright light was like the kind you see when a nuclear bomb goes off, and the green glow was something never before seen by any of us. So we all ran out to the highway that is maybe 30 yards in front of the house so we could get a better view. Across the road are hills with a some trees on the tops and backsides of the hills, while fields make up the front sides of the hills that were visible to us. There is probably 100 to 150 yards worth of visibility to the top of the hills, then it goes to the backside. When we reached the road we were just waiting to see it again when we noticed something over the hills. We could see about 4 or 5 beams of light moving around like people walking with flashlights or spotlights on the backside of the hills moing towards the top of the hills. We knew noone should be over there with lights, especially at 3:45 in the morning. Then, all of a sudden, we saw a beam of light come out of nowhere from the middle of the field about 50 to 75 yards away, like someone had all of a sudden flipped on a flashlight. When we saw this, we quickly ran back to the porch. When we got back to the porch 15 seconds later, we could not see one light anywhere from the fields or anywhere over the hills. About this time, the power flipped on again, flickered, went out, and then the two flashes came again. So we ran back out to the road to get a better look and waited. About 15 minutes later we looked right up the road about 50 yards and noticed a car that was just sitting on the side of the road next to a vacant lot. Then the pattern repeated itself: power on, flickering, going out, then the first flash. When the first flash went off, the car all of a sudden flipped its lights on and began speeding towards us. We began to get into the road and wave him down. Initially it appeared he wouldn't stop, but he slammed on his breaks and stopped just as the second dark green flash was going off. When he stopped, everything was green from the glow, even the inside of this car. We ran up and asked: "Are you seeing these lights???!!! What do think is going on???" The guy initially looked at us like he didn't know what we were talking about, despite the fact everything was green, but then he answered in an extremely weird, non-chalant kind of way: "Oh, that's just the beacon. Its there so planes won't crash. Its usually white lights but sometimes it can change to different colors." Then he said: "The regular paper guy won a contest. I'm the district manager just filling in for him. Do you get a paper?" then he handed us a paper and drove off. We watched him go on, and instead of delivering more papers down the road where there are many more houses, he turned into the next driveway turned around and sped off in the direction which he had just come, without delievering any more papers! Granted, the flashes alone freaked us out, but the paper guy and the beams of light just added to our confusion. First of all, there are absolutely NO BEACONS anywhere in that area of rural Carrollton, i am positive of that. Right as the guy sped off, our power came on and stayed on the rest of the night, with us seeing no more flashes, leaving us with having seen 5 two flash sets in total in 1.5 hours. We spent the rest of the night trying to figure out what happened. We definitely ruled out swamp gas, beacons, and power transformers blowing. The only explanations we were left with were other worldly or, more possibly, some type of government test and coverup. The guys with the beams of light and the convenient paper guy with a cover-up story just as the event ended just added to our belief in gov't involvement. The next day i was relaying the events to my mother, and she was having a hard time fully believing me. Then a few minutes later she came in and showed my something she just read in the Saturday paper. It was an aritcle in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution that read: "Solar Storms could disrupt power in U.S. : Earth is likely to be bombarded with an unusual rapid-fire blast from five solar storms that could disrupt power grids, communications and airplane navigation in the northern United States today and Sunday, space weather forecasters warned Friday. But they said the same machine-gunlike geomagnetic blasts also could pull spectacular Northern Lights sky show farther south, where more people will be able to see the colored lights dance in the northern sky. There's an 80 percent chance that the storms will cause minor to severe disruptions to satellite communications, radio and television transmissions, and electric power grids, warned the Space Environment Center in Washington, a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The "storms" are stron surges of solar winds - electrically charged subatomic particles from the sun - that make changes in the Earth's magnetic field, much like charging a small magnet with an electrical current. There's a 40 percent chance the storms will cause major or severe disruptions and a 40 percent chance their efforts will be minor." I have to say that those that winessed this are not crazy Georgia rednecks, we are all college graduates with well respected jobs who did not make up the event that we can't explain. However, we do know this article is b.s. For one, why did this article appear the day AFTER it happened. If they knew friday it was going to happen, why didn't they tell us on friday so we could be prepared instead of telling us on Saturday. Secondly, this article provides an excuse for almost every aspect of our experience. However, these excuses also seem to be b.s. and a little to convenient. I've seen the Northern Lights and what we saw definitely in no way shape or form resembled the Norther Lights. These were blasts of light. One bright white, one a dark green glow. We are all still voting for a Gov't coverup...the people in the fields, the guy in the car, and the article from just all points to the government covering something up, but what they are covering up is the question. Any, and i mean any, insight into this situation would be greatly appreciated, as no one we have talked with can offer a feasible solution. I must reiterate that this is IN NO WAY A FALSE REPORT. This truely and definitely happened on the moring of Saturday November 25, 2000 from 3:00 am till about 4:30 am. Someone please respond. I do not want to initially release too much info about myself as i am in a sensitive line of work.