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Occurred : 11/27/2000 19:00 (Entered as : 11/27/00 19:00)
Reported: 11/30/2000 18:34
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Dalton, GA
Shape: Disk
Duration:1 minute
Saucer shaped craft over neighborhood in north Georgia

I was driving around my neighborhood about 7:15pm,it was a clear night and visibility was great.As I was driving I saw what seemed to be 2 bright lights about a quarter of a mile away above the tree tops.I drove towards the object trying to get a better vantage point to try and identify what it was.Fortunately my neighborhood has many roads running through it and I was able to get very close.As I got within 500ft I got the scare of my life, it was a saucer shaped craft that was about 70-80ft in diameter hovering 100ft over a house.It had 2 bright lights on each side of the disk and many multicolored lights between none of them were blinking.I rolled down the window to listen,but it did not make any sound at all.I had slowed down to about 5mph when the craft,which had been hovering on a horizontal axis,slowly turned onto a vertical axis and very slowly moved off towards the southwest.As it moved off I noticed what looked to be a very weak bluish light emitting from what previously was the top and bottom of the saucer when it was hovering horizontally.I can only guess that the color of the craft was gunmetal gray or black, since it was dark and the lights on it were bright but they were not illuminating it like I would have expected them to.After it had moved over the treeline I did not see it again.I saw this object at a very close range and it was the most awesome thing that I had ever seen.I am a very credible and intelligent person,I do not drink or do drugs.I am 32years old,in great health and have 20/15vision in both eyes.This was not an airplane,helicopter,blimp,weather phenomonon,star,planet,weather balloon,or anyother common nighttime object.This was a real craft that was made and operated by intelligent beings,whether extraterrestrial or terrestrial I will leave that to the people who read this(I hope with an openmind). I hope that somebody else saw this object and will come forward and report it,so I will know I am not the only one.