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Occurred : 3/15/1966 21:00 (Entered as : ??/??/60s 9pm)
Reported: 12/10/2000 21:07
Posted: 12/20/2000
Location: St. Joseph, MI
Shape: Light
Duration:5 minutes
3 bright lights over Lake Michigan late 1960s

One late summer evening between 1966-1969, we (my husband & I) were having a BBQ at some friends home which was situated on a bluff over-looking Lake Michigan south of St. Joseph, Michigan. My husband went out side to check the steaks and he called to us in the house saying, "Hey! I think I see some UFOs". We all ran out side and just stood side by side and watched a most amazing sight... out over Lake Michgan. There were 3 big round BRIGHT lights out over the lake in a row... just hovering... then the light on the south side just shot off to the south towards Chicago... then the light on the north side shot off to the north... then the light in the middle shot off eastward... over our heads... at a speed the likes I've never seen before NOR SINCE!.... it seemed to be climbing too as it flew over our heads... All the lights seemed to fly so unbieveable fast... that they just vanished in seconds.

The next day in the News Paper, the News Platium of Benton Harbor, Michigan, had a huge article about the sighting (none of us called in any report)... the article was lengthy because 100s & 100s of people called in reporting that sighting... the article even mentioned some prominent community members as making reports about the sighting... the article reported the sighting just as we ourselves witnessed it.

I am sure there were many others like ourselves too out there on the Lake Michigan Bluffs who seen it all too, just like us 4 did... and just as we did... didn't call anyone to make a report... It was such a beautiful summer night... there had to be 1000s of folks out on the bluffs that night... and 1000s that seen those lights.

I have considered going to the New Platium and looking through their archives trying to find that article... on the ocassions that I've gone back to Michigan for visits; (I now live in Colorado)... Anyways... I know it occured sometime between 1966-1969... it seemed like it was in July or August... It was a night I'll never forget...

((NUFORC Note: Witness has confirmed that her sighting was the one seen over Michigan in March 1966. It was investigated by Dr. James Allen Hynek, and the investigation also involved Congressman from Michigan, Gerald Ford. We believe the date was in early March 1966 PD))