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Occurred : 12/9/2000 21:00 (Entered as : 12/09/00 21:00)
Reported: 12/14/2000 12:49
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Beaver, PA
Shape: Triangle
Like a red traffic light, behind the trees, it flew in unison with a light too, bright to be an approaching plane.

On December, 9th, 2000, about 9PM, while driving north, on Dutch Ridge Road, in Brighton Township, PA. alone, after having attending a funeral gathering, I noticed two bright, non-blinking lights of equal size, moving in unison, side by side (horizontally) in the northwest sky, behind some trees. The left light was a yellow-white color which, equalled the brilliance of an approaching aircraft headlight but, slightly larger and less "amber" in color. The light just to its right was of equal size but very red. It resembled a red traffic light more than, an aircraft's smaller red running lights. These lights were moving slowly and in an area where I don't usually see planes flying that low. After catching glimpses of them, behind trees, I drove onto Maplewood Drive and stopped my car, for a better look. The craft was, now, almost overhead and it seemed, unusually large (about two or three fingers wide, at arms length). It's altitude seemed low, too and, if it were flying at an airliner's altitude than, it would have been huge. Except for the five lights, on its underside the craft was very dark and, barely moving. On its underside were three dim, non-blinking, rounded, yellow-white lights, one at each corner. At the center of its underside were two smaller, alternately pulsing lights, one red with a smaller, white light, beside it. These alternately, pulsing lights, created a confusing mix of red, pink and white flashing light with a very faint, pinkish haze flickering beneath it. But none of these lights were as large nor as bright, as, those seen during the craft's approach and departure. While overhead, the object seemed to be barely moving, yet, rotating slightly, to its right (about 20 degrees in 5 seconds). After this turn, it then, began to move, noticeably, forward and gradually, it picking up speed. Only then, did I notice that this triangle was flying backwards, with two corners towards its front and one towards its rear. As it flew towards the southern horizon or towards Vanport, I saw three large, bright, non-blinking, hazy, yellow-white lights, evenly spaced (horizontally) in a row, across its rear side. This craft seemed to be flying into a hazy, gray luminous fog as it departed. This haze might have been only the effects from lights from town but, then, I've never noticed large, bright, hazy, yellow-white lights, like these, on any aircraft, at night. I didn't notice any sound. My car's engine might have masked them, though. This sighting's duration was about 60 to 90 seconds. I've now, had three triangular sightings, all within a mile of each other. The first was during the summer of 1999 and the seconds was in February of 2000. Both flew with one or more immensely smaller companion crafts. All three occurred around 9PM.