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Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/15/2000 18:25 (Entered as : 12/15/00 18:25)
Reported: 12/16/2000 04:26
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Beaver, PA
Shape: Disk
A white strobe flashed on a short appendage, which was off to one side of the graphite-colored disk.

At 6:25 PM, from my kitchen window, on December, 15th, 2000, I noticed an intensely, bright, white strobing light coming from the south, over Vanport, PA. Its speed seemed normal but, it flew a little low and close to my house. This wasn't a normal flight path. It slowed down, almost hovered for about one minute, at about 100 to 200 yards from my home, over a woodened area. Its strobing light was at the tip of a short appendage, which was off to one side of the craft. As the craft moved, slowly, this strobing light moved, clock-wise, around, towards the right side of the craft. Some of the strobe's light illuminated the craft's body, during the flashes which, revealed its very, dull, graphite-colored surface and oblong, rounded, disk-like shape. It had no protruding wings. I saw no other lights on it, other than, a few small areas of very unusual, dim, multi-colored lights, along the sides of its body. There was a slight rotation of the craft, as it hovered, before, moving west, at moderate speed. As it departed, its strobe was, now, on its right side and no longer at the front of the moving craft.I heard no sound from this craft. For about ten minutes, about ten smaller crafts flew by, one by one, following it. This is a lot of one-way air traffic for Brighton Township!