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Occurred : 12/27/2000 22:35 (Entered as : 12/27/2000 22.35)
Reported: 12/28/2000 12:00
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Leeds (UK/England),
Shape: Disk
Duration:6 sec's
Sausage shape, bright white, traveling east to west.

Hi At around 10.35pm 27th December 2000, I was walking my dogs in the back park at the rear of my house here in Yeadon, 8 miles north of Leeds. I was looking towards the south when I saw a bright object shoot across the sky towards the west where it then disapeard due too haze. The object was pill shape (sausage) and was in view for about 5 to six secounds and traveled west at the same hight (level). I live near Leeds Bradford airport and got in touch with them but they did not pick anything up on radar but noted my report. This was not a plane and was traveling at thousands of miles an hour. I have seen meteors and comets and it was not any of them. So what was it? ((name deleted))