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Occurred : 12/23/2000 04:00 (Entered as : 12/23/00 04:00)
Reported: 12/23/2000 19:16
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Toomsuba, MS
Shape: Oval
Duration:about 2 (two) minutes
A silent solid red oval shaped craft with no blinking lights is sighted in Toomsuba, MS.

Saturday morning approximately 4 a.m. on 12-23-00, I was outside on a clear and cold night watching for shooting stars and anything else that might cross the sky. As I said, the sky was clear and the moon was in or very near its new moon phase. So it was an absolutely perfect observational setting- though it was just below freezing, but I like it cold. The area is rural. My family's home sits with neighbors to the left and right or east and west. In front and across the road of their home (South) is a pasture. Behind (North) it there is woods. The pasture across the street was logged about two years ago, so there is a stretch of land that is relatively clear of obsticles. Where the property line ends at the pasture, roughly southwest, the tree line picks back up and covers a large portion of the skyline from Southwest all the way back North- there is a small opening westward where the road goes. Much of the woods behind the house were recently logged as well, but the larger pine trees nearest our property line still stand and take up much of the immediate Northern skyline. Now to the good part. I had been outside about half an hour and was looking westward after just having seen a dim shooting star in that direction. I then saw this solid red oval shaped craft, flying very low, come out of, well actually over, the trees to the North. It seemed to be moving from north to south. I studied it intensely to see if there were any flashing lights- there were none. The object seemed very low, and very close. I began walking toward it- west along the street. It was moving very slow and made absolutely no sound. As I walked toward it, its speed noticably increased and very quickly. There were no human defying zig-zags, but it went from a rather large clear red oval shaped craft in front of me to being a rather small vaguely red oval shaped craft much faster than I would have liked or expected. It seemed to fly directly away from me, and grew perceptively smaller as it went. Also, as I studied it, I think I saw at least two, possibly three different angles of the craft, and it was solid red all around. Nothing but red light. Well, as I realized that it was moving away from me I ran about 80 yards trying to keep it in sight, but lost it to the treeline as it appeared to be moving first due west away from me, then more of a south westernly direction. I could be off a little or alot on Its last direction due to the treeline, but it was without doubt somewhere between due south and west, but closer to south. After I lost it to the trees (it was also very vague in the distance by this point) I reluctantly walked back to my parents house and silently mused to myself about the fact that I had just seen a UFO. I do not know of any known man-made objects that move with the its velocity, have no blinking lights at all, and is one solid defining color. Speaking personally for a moment, I must say that the adrenaline rush was amazing. As I ran toward the object, as it made its escape, I was silently calling to it, "come back, please, come back." Mercy, I like the awe inspiring feeling of seeing something that perhaps, just perhaps was created on some other planet in some other galaxy far far away- deep within our vast and complex universe. I find that the nightlife in this small rural town isn't quite as dull as most here like to believe. :) I don't know if this goes here, but I have video footage of something that flew through the background of a newscast report. I was working at a local t.v. station in Meridian, MS at the time. I was the only one to notice it because it was very light in color and the sky was in that overcast, really hazy and bright way. However, as the report was shown on air, I happened to be watching a small black and white monitor, which effectively took away the excess hazy light, and I could see the object clearly. This thing "did" do human defying manuevers as it zig zagged up through then out of the frame. I've sent a copy of it to Peter Gersten, and I'd be happy to send a copy to the NURC if you want one. Its brief and not particularly spectacular, but it is definately "something" and its movements defy everything that we're supposed to be able to do.