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Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/31/2000 23:45 (Entered as : 12312000 1145pm)
Reported: 1/7/2001 22:09
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Eagle River, WI
Shape: Light
2 large pulsating stationary red/grn lights with 6 balls of light moving rapidly below this,300ft away,<200ft high over lake in WI.

I saw what I believe to be one and or several UFO's while at our cottage, located on the NE Shoreline of Anvil Lake(approx 8 miles East of Eagle River )in Wisconsin.Our lake is approx 390 acres, and most of the residents there are seasonal(as are we)therefore, there are very few residents on the lake in the winter.What I saw occured on 12/31 @ approx 1145pm(and no, I had had nothing stonger than diet-pepsi to drink,despite the fact that it was New Years Eve).I was the only person in our cottage, as everyone else was out celebrating NY Eve, and I had decided to stay there and read a book.I was sitting in a lazyboy chair.The view from this chair overlooks the lake(the shoreline is 75 ft from our cottage),with an 8 ft glass patio door facing the lake.I have vertical blinds covering the glass,and the blinds were almost completely closed.As I was sitting down,reading,I saw a bright neon green stream of light shoot by(I could see this through the sm openings that remained on the blinds).I then saw a bright red stream of light go by, and it looked to me like it was a short distance from the shoreline over the lake.I got up from the chair and approached the patio door, fully expecting that someone who was staying on the lake was shooting off fireworks in anticipation of celebrating NY eve at midnight.I peeked out of the blinds(I didn't actually open them up)and saw what was approx 6 bright balls of light, that looked to be about a foot in diameter.Some of these were a very bright red, and the others were a bright neon green.They were moving rapidly and seemed to be leaving trails of light behind them.(The most accurate comparison I can make to this is that they looked like when a child plays with a sparkler on the 4th of July, where one can see the trail of where the tip of the sparkler has been).These balls of light were traveling very fast,but staying in one general area directly in front of our cottage.They were approx 300 ft away from me,over the lake,and approx 150 ft high.They were moving in that one are! a,changi ng directions rapidly, making loops, etc,but never left that one area,They never actually descended down to the ice, nor traveled away from there(to me they almost seemed to be electrically charged or something).A second or two after I first observed all the balls of light,I looked directly above them and saw 2 large stationary lights.These lights were directly above all the moving balls of light, and were about 3 ft in diameter/2 feet high each. The stationary lights were the same color red and green as the things below them, but were flashing or pulsating.They looked identical to one another in size and were at the exact same height(there was about 75 ft distance inbetween these large lights).It was very difficult to see an exact shape, as it's very dark on the lake, and because of the brightness of the larger lights it was almost like looking at headlights on bright, where it's difficult to distinguish what's around the lights, but I thought I saw a rim of dark grey metal along the backside of the large lights.The metal appeared to have multiple slats along the edge, as though they were vents of some sort, and I got the impression that it was the outer edge of something, and that the 2 large lights were connected/part of this metal thing.The balls of light continued to travel in the same area directly below the stationary lights,never going above the big lights,nor any further than about 30 ft to the left or right of the big lights(I got the impression that they were shooting along the outside of some larger thing connected to the 2 large pulsating lights).Once I noticed the metal along the back edge,I became frightened,believing at that point that I was looking at something not of this earth.I distinctly remember thinking it was going to shoot down a ray of light to the ice, so I looked beneath it and could clearly see the ice below all of this.I would guess that I probably initially looked at all of this for approx 2 minutes, before seeing the metal part and moving away from the window.We also have! a large picture window overlooking the lake with the drapes wide open and a chandalier type light lighting up this room which was on.I pulled the plug on this light, as I would have had to walk in front of this window to turn off the light at the switch and didn't want to be seen by anyone/anything(As I was alone and stunned by what I was seeing,I didn't know what to do, and had no phone or believe me I would have dialed 911 at that point)!After I pulled the plug to turn off the light, I went to the picture window to close the drapes, and the view from this window prior to closing the drapes was the same as what I have described from the other window.I then went to the room furthest away from the lake,which is by our backdoor, as I wanted to be as far away from whatever was out there as I could be.I stood by the back door for I would guess about 10 minutes, before going back to peek out the patio door,and everything I had described earlier was gone.I never saw any of the lights leave and was deliberately not looking anywhere near those windows as I was afraid, I guess, of what else I might see.After I got over the shock of what I had seen, and was sure that whatever I had seen was gone, I looked more closely out over the lake, and saw a small triangle shape of light(red,green and white lights) all the way across the lake almost to the shoreline directly opposite ours.I have no idea what this was, nor if it was related to what I had seen earlier(although other than the colors being similiar it didn't seem to be related).However, there is no house over there and I have no idea what this could have been.I looked with a pair of binoculars and could clearly make out the lights, but it was very small, even with the binoculars.I didn't see this triangular thing move at all.I looked at it periodically, and it remained there for several hours, as I recall it was still there at 2am and was gone when I looked again about 230am before going to bed.I should also note that we have a dog(3 yr old siberian huskey/yellow lab)w! ho alert s at any type of movement/noise around the cottage, and he did not move at all during this event.I also heard absolutely no noise,nor saw any blowing snow around the lights, which one would expect with any kind of hovering type craft like a helicopter.We had to leave the cottage early the next day to return to our home, and I have not talked with anyone else on the lake to see if they may have seen anything that night.If anyone else did see anything,I will certainly inform you of this.

((NUFORC Note: The following addendum was sent by the same witness 5 days later. PD))

On 1/8/01 I submitted a report via your online report format regarding a sighting I witnessed over Anvil Lake in NE Wisconsin.In my report I incorrectly stated that we are located on the NE Shoreline of the lake.This was in error.We are located on the NW Shoreline of the lake, and it is from this shoreline that I witnessed the sighting.Should you have any questions I would be glad to speak with someone regarding this matter.I would be most interested in any suggestions you have regarding whether radar may have seen something that night(there is an airport located in Eagle River).I am unsure how or where to obtain further information regarding what I saw that night. Sincerely, ((name deleted))