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Occurred : 2/4/1999 21:30 (Entered as : 02/04/99 21:30)
Reported: 1/9/2001 21:20
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Sonoma County (Coast of), CA
Shape: Circle
Craft flying at the beach!?

Peter Davenport and crew of the UFO Reporting Center. I wanted to relay a story that happened to me in early 1999, February 4th, on or around. A girlfriend and I took a trip to the coast from where we live in Santa Rosa, CA. We headed out to the Goat Rock / Shell Beach area. The coast is only 30 minutes from where we live, and it was around 6 or 7pm because the sun was still in the sky. We had gone out to catch a sunset. It was around 9pm or so that the coast was a little too cold and windy to be at, so we headed up the cliff to the car, to get warm and watch the sky for awhile, because you can see lots of stars at night on the coast here. Anyway, she pointed out that Venus was over my shoulder which would have been south. We were facing the ocean, and I was in the driver seat. I looked north to over her shoulder, and pointed out that Mars was out too and we looked at the big bright reddish light that we thought was Mars. Then Mars kinda.. started to move towards us. We watched in astonishment as it really began to move towards us, neither of us knowing what to do right away. It got to about 400 feet above our heads, and began to circle us. We could see the craft much more clearly now. The craft seemed circular if viewing it from underneath, with 4 yellowish white lights in the center like thrusters? And red and blue lights; two blues on the north and south points and two reds on the east / west points. I could faintly see some light coming from what would be the top too, but it was non-descript. Either way, not FAA standard. We watched in terror as the sky dark and somewhat cloudy now came alive with lights that were moving in unusual patterns across the sky in front of us and all around us. We could see the stars through the patches of clouds, but we could also see many white lights moving around and chameleoning themselves among the clouds and the blackness of the sky and the stars beyond. It was so odd to us that any aircraft would be out at the beach at all in the first place, much less flying in awkward patterns at night at the beach. These lights were flying over the water too. All of the lights except two showed themselves to us and the ones that did were the "Mars" craft - picture rendition enclosed - and one that flew from south to north from a LONG LONG way away very slowly making no noise coming all the while towards us. When it got close I could see it was a dark triangular craft. It horrified me to see this, because I had listened to Art Bell's experience seeing it, and others on the radio. This thing moved like a helicopter would. Like ONLY a helicopter COULD in my experience of seeing them move. Only it was fast. And agile. It - picture rendition enclosed - flew around our car the only one out there in the parking lot of the beach for about 20 minutes with the other craft, the circular one. I could hardly see the actual triangle craft's main hull or whatever it was really stealthy and dark amongst the dark sky, but I could almost always see the thrusters behind it. They reminded me of a Star Wars ship, the Empire's Star Destroyers. You know how they have three big thrusters in a triangular formation on the rear? Like that. One odd side note, we did appear to have lost about 3 to 4 hours of time as I know it was only about 9:30pm when this started and when all the lights in the sky ceased moving about in the sky and it appeared to us to be only about 1hour in total that they did it was almost 2:45 in the morning. Take it as you will, I have no explanation. Any earthly craft that could move like that would have to have made a lot noise, even over the pounding surf. No to mention the weirdness of them all flying around at the beach at night. Thanks!