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Occurred : 9/2/2000 01:00 (Entered as : 09/02/00 01:00)
Reported: 3/5/2001 09:18
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: , IN
Followed by three craft on return trip to Columbus from Chicago.

I and a friend ((name deleted)) were returning from a trip to Chicago where we went for guidance at the SGI-USA Chicago Culture Center, a Buddhist organization which we are both members of. I was the primary driver as Debbie has MS and can't drive all that well. We had stopped at a truckstop inside the Indiana line to allow me to get a few hours sleep. At one point ((deleted)) started the car and drove to the next stop as I slept. When I awoke it was almost midnight and I took over the driving from then on. I am concious of being an abductee and am part of ((deleted)) study group. I have only been able to have memories of the very beginning and or the very end of eppisodes. I have felt someone standing on my bed or seen bodies next to me as I lie in bed, but I haven't been able to remember anything in between. As this trip was coming up I essentially invited anyone who wanted to to "come and play" as I put it. As I drove on toward Indianapolis after a while ((deleted)) asked if stars moved. I said well they shimmer due to the atmosphere is that what you mean? She said no I'm seeing one oh no there are two no wait there are three lights moving with us as we are driving. I couldn't see anything as I was paying attention to the road. At one point during this period I openly called to the craft and ((deleted)) screamed "Oh my god!" when I asked her what happened she said that as I was talking to the craft what she at first thought was a very bright light in the fields next to the highway flew almost instantly toward the car and was next to the passenger side window for about 5 seconds as we were going 65 mph.. When that was happening I had the feeling like something was happening in my mind, I can only discribe it as a fuzzy vibration that was supperimposed and lasted till the ball of light sped away. After she saw the light speed off she reportedthat the craft were having a light show of blinking on and off as if the ships were communicating with each other. I was by this time anxious to see this all for my se! lf and a t the next turnoff went to one of the corn fields to stop and get out of the car. I saw two of the three craft going away toward Illinois and one coming toward us. ((name deleted)) freaked out at this point, she said it was because this was klan country and a white guy and Black woman were in danger here. So I got back on the Highway and was told the craft was still following us. In my mind I was saying "if you want to have me talk to you you're going to have to get ((name deleted)) to sleep, she won't let me stop." After a while she did fall asleep. I waited till I was sure that she wouldn't wake up and took the first exit I could find. When I stopped the car in the corn field this time I got out of the car and saw a lowhanging cloud in front of me with the craft hidden just at the bottom edge of the clouds. There were two sets of lights on the craft a set of blue lights on the top and a set of red on the bottom. There were 4 or 5 lights visable above and below and they were going in sequence in opposite directions I never saw the body of the craft itself only the running lights. I said that I was going inside the car now and if you want to come and get me you can. I have no memory of what happened. But I was informed by friends of mine that they came to do a "memory retrieval" from me. The entire evening there were no clouds in the sky except when I stopped to let them visit me.