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Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/6/2001 20:02 (Entered as : 03/06/01 20:02pm)
Reported: 3/7/2001 17:08
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Belleville, WI
Shape: Light
White to yellow to orange single bright light in Southern Wisconsin sky.

Having seen something unusual the nite before (also reported to you), my sister in law (dental hygenist/volunteer paramedic) and my brother in law (chiropractor) and I went out on a drive. We had heard from friends which area it was sighted in and drove down that road (SW of Belleville). At 8:02pm, rounding a corner and going west, we finally saw what our friends were talking about! Bright, bright light, subtley changing from white to yellow to orange and was located on the passenger side of the car. It was moving slowly, towards the north, it looked like. Decided to stop at the stop sign to film it and get it sighted in with the binoculars. As my sister in law was coming to a stop, my brother in law (drivers side backseat) started to get out. Unfortunately, he got out before she was actually stopped and somehow his foot got under the car and under the cars tire, twisting his whole leg. He was in a great deal of pain and couldn't tell us what had happened for several seconds. He got out of the car to get control of himself and looked up and saw that the light in the sky had disappeared! Both of us in the front seat looked and sure enough it had vanished from sight. My brother in law later removed his shoe and sock to find much blood and a huge piece of skin ripped off his foot (about the size of small apple). A day later he is nursing a very sore leg, especially the twisted thigh area. He is lucky not to have a broken leg. Strange happenings. After going back to their house, I got in my car and rode back out to the area. I didn't expect to see anything, but didn't have anything better to do that nite. I did see it again and I have filled out another report of yours detailing. Later that night after going home, there was a helicopter that went over really, really low over my house, N of Belleville. This is out of the norm.