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Occurred : 3/13/2001 19:30 (Entered as : 031301 1930)
Reported: 3/14/2001 22:39
Posted: 3/16/2001
Location: Wagontire, OR
Shape: Flash
No, aircraft I am aware of can accelerate horizonally like this..

i was traveling east on Christmas Valley road. Aprox 6miles west of US395 which is approx 10mi south of Wagontire, OR and approx 45mi sw of Burns, OR at approx 1930 hrs , I observed 3 very bright flashes, as flashes disipateted the outboard ones split away horizonally at extreme high rate of speed. and was approx 30 degrees from horizion. altitude between 5-10000 ft. the weather was clear and i stoped my truck in middle of highway, turned lites off and engine off. stepped outside to see if could hear any aircraft noise. there was no noise heard. the area i was in was very remote and in northend of great basin in central oregon. the flashes were NOT pyrotecnics or flares. i am familiar with. and after incident i drove on to Burnsm Or and filed a report with the Oregon State Patrol there. i asked them if they knew of any known military activity 50 mi south of burns. they indicated none aware of. but at time flights from Klamouth Falls, OR flew around from time to time I am not a nut, nor was i intoxicated, nor was i on drugs. this is unlike anything i have ever seen in my life. and if had not seen it would'nt believe what i saw. No aircraft i am aware of can accelerate horizonally like this