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Occurred : 3/8/2001 (Entered as : 03/08/01 ??:??)
Reported: 3/15/2001 06:57
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Clover, VA
Shape: Unknown
Clover VA sighting

I have heard that several Deputies from the Halifax County SO were dispatched to investigate an unknown object over the Clover Power Plant. I was not involved in this incident, and am just going on hearsay. I also heard that two of the deputies were so traumatized by their experience that they had to sign out for the night and take the rest of the shift off. From what I can determine there was an object hovering over the Power Plant in Clover. I also have heard that the deputies attempted to take several photographs. (again hearsay) Two of the deputies went to get a different angle to observe the object, but when they entered an open field, the entire field lit up (as if it were a football field on the night of a game) (these were the two traumatized deputies). The Power Plant had a meeting about this event the next morning (known for a fact) but nobody is talking. I just thought this might be an event that someone would want to investigate further, since there were 5+ representative of the Halifax SO to witness this event.

((NUFORC Note: Report submitted by anonymous source. Source may be a public employee. PD))