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Occurred : 3/15/2001 18:01 (Entered as : 3/15/01 18:01)
Reported: 3/15/2001 20:06
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: San Jose, CA
Shape: Changing
Duration:2 minutes
Elongated, ablong, all black object floating end-over-end and quickly accelerating out of view to S. San Jose.

Here at work in San Jose on the 5th floor my coworker came over to my cubicle and told me to look out the window and check out this thing. We looked out the window and nothing was there. He hurried me to the otherside of the building and I saw what looked to be a black helium baloon slowly rising. I told him that it was a black baloon that someone had lost. He then said "wait, just look at it". I looked a few more seconds and realized that all of a sudden it was either much closer or it had expanded. It was no longer a small looking baloon but an ablong egg-shaped ojbect floating end over end. It appeared to be the size of a large van, not quite shaped like a cigar but not as round as an egg. It was all black and possibly shiny on one side as it tumbled in the air or it was polished on all sides. It tumbled more or less as if something in space out of control end over end. It continued to rise and then accelerated rather fast and shortly disappeared heading south of San Jose while continuing to rise. Within seconds it was gone. There's absolutely no way it was a helicopter or another such aircraft. It was positively all black, nothing protruding, and possibly changing shape. The reason why I say possibly changing shape is because it was to me quite obvious that it was a round baloon. Then all of a sudden it was much larger and elongated. It either changed shape or it was extremely fast and I could see it much clearer when it came closer. There was no sound, no lights, no windows, nothing but a shiny black object. I called the Airforce base in Sunnyvale and the local police department. My background is Systems Administrator for a large financial company and I honestly don't believe in U.F.O's. The person he grabbed me is an outside consultant that was working a little late on database issues on one of our servers.