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Occurred : 7/14/1997 23:15 (Entered as : 7/14/97 23:15)
Reported: 3/20/2001 00:54
Posted: 4/1/2001
Location: Pascagula, MS
Shape: Egg
Duration:3:00 min.
I experienced a u.f.o. sighting that I dont fully understand who,what or why?.

I seen three egg(not quite perfectly round)orange/reddish egg shaped object's off in a marsh like feild on a penisuale in the gulf of mexico by a naval base near ingel's ship building yard.The sky was clear,and there were star's out in the sky.the egg like object's were the size of hot air ballon's,and there were three of them.they sat on the ground about 75 feet apart for approx.1 min.,the object's then appeared to simotanisley ascend into the sky getting closer to each other the higher they got.The three object's then mergerd into one big object of bright orange/reddish color about 400ft. into the sky,and stayed hovering in the same spot for 30sec.,then ascending into the sky at a angle of maybey 37 degrees.the object moved at a increadable speed,faster than any civilan or military aircraft's could go at that angle untill it was not visible.From the time I spotted the object to the the time it was in the sky and then not visible anymore was approx. 3min.I am posotive of what I saw and a little spooked.Iwas in the navy at the time I saw this event,but never reported it or told anyone fearing no one would believe me and would have me commited.At the time I had on a walkman radio and during the sighting of the object I experinced radio reception trouble other than just average radio static.I went from getting in local station's loud and clear to getting nothing but static(shortwave like static).Then about 3min.after the object was no longer visible I was able to get in local station's again.I checked the batterie's and the connection on the radio and both checked out o.k.What ever It was,what was It doing so close to a military base?Maybey studying/analizing military behavior and/or equpment?What ever It was I'm convinced It was not of this world nor this time and space.There was also one other important thing about the object/object's,It never really made a sound.The object was defintley not a ball of light from naturaly earthly marsh or water or any other kind of vapor/gas reflection's.The object's/o! bject we re a solid mass.the object was also NOT a secret spy vehicle or experimental wheather ballone's,not at the way it ascended then merging and leaving at the angle and speed it left at.The speed the object left at would be like going from 0-300mph in 10sec. or less!Impossible for any aircraft of this world at that low of altitude and angle.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. Experience is similar in some respect to a well-known case that occurred in Pascagoula, MS, in October 1973, involving Messrs. Hickson and Parker. PD))