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Occurred : 2/25/2001 21:00 (Entered as : 02/25/01 21:00)
Reported: 3/28/2001 16:34
Posted: 4/1/2001
Location: Bath, PA
Shape: Formation
Duration:45 secs.
craft with five lights seen in lehighvalley pa

my girlfriend andi were on our way home when i noticed 5 lights in a triangular formation( 4 were in a square, and one was in front of the square, leading me to believe that it was just one craft) was moving from west to east, then abruptly east to west. as i got nearer to my house i saw it was really low (approx. 700 feet) and made no noise whatsoever. after it went towards the west, it then changed direction quickly (as if it knew i was following it) and proceeded south towards bethlehem. we lost it about 6 miles away from allentown. i went to the lehigh valley international airport and talked to an air traffic controlman, and was first told that there was nothing in the air in that area at the time i gave and then he said ' sir, i suggest you don't make any calls to agencies about what you saw' and hung up on me. i have seen this craft about 4 more times since then.