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Occurred : 3/25/2001 03:30 (Entered as : 03/25/01 03:30hrs)
Reported: 3/25/2001 12:24
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Shape: Changing
Duration:about 30 secs
Strangely silent object streaks accross sky in desert southwest.

At about 3:30am (MST) I let my dog out back, then I went into the house to put a slice of pizza in the microwave. As the pizza was warming I went outside to join my dog, and when I walked outside I noticed something moving accross the sky. At first I was confused by what I was watching, because I couldn't quite make out it's shape. At first it appeared to look round, kind of saucer shaped, then as it moved it looked almost cigar shaped. Suddenlly after moving about three quarters of the way accross the sky it's shape appeared more cheveron like. I should note that the backyard is on the north side of our property, so I was looking at this facing north. There was this strange silence to everything as the object flew accoss the sky, almost as if the object was sucking in the sound like a vacuum as it went by. The object had no lights, or light pattern on it, yet it was somewhat luminous. It seemed to be white, almost siver in color. The object flew from east to the southwest at about a 60 degree angle from the horizon, and that's the opposite direction of the flight pattern of the commercial air traffic in the area. It should also be noted that I live approximatly two and a half miles from Sky Harbor Intl Airport, so I know the flight patterns of the aircraft in the night sky. This object appeared to be rather large, and to be flying at about 8,000 to 10,000 feet in alltitude. It swept accross the sky at a speed at least 3 to 4 times faster than anything else in the sky. The object disappeared into the night sky to the south, southwest as fast as it had appeared in the east. The whole time of the sighting couldn't have been more than 30 seconds. After losing sight of the object I could once again hear the sounds of the other objects in the sky.