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Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/24/2001 00:06 (Entered as : 324-01 24:06AM)
Reported: 3/24/2001 01:20
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Granite Bay, CA
Shape: Chevron
Duration:3 minutes
While driving home from ((deleted)) house, a friend of mine (deleted) and I saw a very white bright point of light up in the sky, and we thought maybe we were looking at MIR's re-entery into the atmosphere. As we got closer, we realized that it was comming towards us, and had what appeared to be blinking lights on the side. As we got closer to it and it to us, it became apparent that it was either close to the ground or very large, and had I believe 8 lights on it, 7 on the front in the chevron formation, and an 8th white blinking light in the back, located two inches(from my vantage point directly below it) from the frontmost light in the front. The front lights were varius sizes of cirlcles ranging from medium to large, with a red light at the "nose" of the object. The size of the circles were in no apparent order, but were symetrical in placement, i.e. a medium was across from a medium, and a large light was across from a large light. Once the object moved over the road, it slowed down to a nearly complete stop and shot out what looked like a faint spot light on the shoulder of the road at an angle of about 45 degrees from either the center or one side of the chevron. After the spotlight went out, it sped up, crossed the road diagonaly, and contined to move away from us towards the house at a fairly quick clip. At this point I called ((dleeted)) to tell him to get outside and see if he could get a look at what we had just driven under. I was on the phone with ((deleted)), who had answered ((deleted)) phone, for about a half of a minute when I looked out the window and spotted another object, this time shaped like what I would call a classic saucer, only fairly then what is normally reported.. like a sort of cigar, but more saucer shapped. It was moving over a field in the distance, complete with blinking lights that formed the saucer shape. It stopped over the field, sat there for about 5 seconds, then moved about three inches into what I presume was a different field, and stopped again, this time for about three seconds. Then continued its course in the same direction as the first object we had seen. My friend thinks that it was a helipcopter, but I havent seen helicopters with that many lights on it.. there may have been 6-7 lights on it, that appeared small from where we were. Also, from the distance that it seemed to be at, it must have been a very large helicopter, as it was about the size of a Altoid from where we were sitting on the road (we had pulled into a shoulder at this point to watch the object over the field). I was already extreemly excited over the first sighting, but this second one sent me over the top. I was yelling into the phone, "oh my god what the hell is that, theres another one out there, look at that thing ((deleted))! Do you see it? Is that a helicopter? Jesus man its stopped!" Then, as it sped away, I said something like, "Holy *&^@! Holy *&^@! Christ man look at it!" At this point I heard ((deleted)) say to ((deleted)), who must have been in the room with him, "Damn man it sounds like ((deleted)) is flipping out, do you see anything?" Shortly thereafter the object disipeared behin the treeline and we continued home. I couldnt shut up about it, while ((deleted)) didnt say much. I kept asking him if he had seen "that first one" shoot out the spotlight, and he would say yea, he thought so. PLEASE get back to me, I am dying to know if anyone else saw these things and reported them.