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Occurred : 3/29/2001 20:30 (Entered as : 03/29/01 20:30)
Reported: 3/30/2001 16:10
Posted: 4/1/2001
Location: LAS VEGAS, NV
Shape: Formation
Duration:30 MIN.
The four red lights that buzzed Nellis A.F.B. && The one Orange one that played cat

At about 8:30pm Thursday @ Lamb Blvd. & Carey Ave. in Las Vegas, NV. I had gone to the phone @ a convienence store and while on the phone to a friend, I was looking to the N.W. when I noticed four red light's in the sky, they were pulsing and moving toward's me and stopped above Nellis Air Stip, then the one on the right left the staggered line formation and dipped down below the others,( the centers were white but the pulses were red flashes ), and strobed brighter than the other's as it manuvered around below the others from right to left, then it hovered for a few second's flashing brighter in intensity then proceded on its course to my left and circled around back up to the others and they all proceded to move away to the N.W.N then northerly and out of sight. These red lights were not like a planes red light because they were at least 10 times brighter and the one that was manuvering around was at least 20 times brighter because I could compare them to planes in the sky above L.V., and I didn't notice any sound coming from the direction of the objects, then all of a sudden Nellis A.F.B. came alive with sound, jet engines roar filled the air and it was constant, then planes started taking off one after the other, I counted between 10 and 12 in the first wave and they climbed upward fast to about 12,000 to 15,000 feet and leveled off and they proceded toward the direction the UFO's had gone. The first wave made a scurmish line roughly five miles long from left to right above the mountain range of the Nellis test site range and they seemed to me to be hearding or escorting the objects out of the area and it seemed also that they were looking for them and blocking them from the test site area. While the first wave was busy several more waves of planes took off in groupes of 4 and 6 and this lasted for a good 10 minutes and I stsrted to loose count but I estimated between 30 and 40 planes had taken off in that time and the last wave of planes to take off were the big airliner size and I counted 5 of th! em and a t this time I noticed another large plane coming in to nellis from the east at about 15,000 feet and it eventually headed off to the N.W. also but was just above the flight path of the fighters that were taking off. I continued to watch the planes that were still flying around above the test range to the north of me and all of a sudden out of thin air amist planes there appeared a white orange light object and the planes in the immediate area changed there courses toward the object and then it flashed a bright orange and winked out and re-appeared in a new place in the sky in the same area and all the planes changed there courses again and the object winked out again and re-appeared in another spot like it was playing its version of cat and mouse and it did this atleast four times that I saw 'cause I grabbed my binocularsto see if I could Identify these Objects for myself then it winked out brightly one last time and was gone and the planes cicled around for a few more seconds and then headed north. This second sighting occured @ about 8:45pm p.s.t. I watched for another 15 minutes then went to the phone to report the sighting I had just witnessedfirst hand. After talking to Mr. Davenport I was a little taken aback by his disbelief as to the number of planes I witnessed taking off from N.A.F.B., it was as though he thought the number of planes was excessive, but he wasn't here and I was, so after I hung up with Mr. Davenport I went staight home,for I was about 45 seconds from home and started to write down what I saw as per Mr. davenport's instruction's and then I heard the plkanes coming back in to land, so I stopped writing and went outside and started counting the number of planes that were coming into land and I counted "38" fighter's and "6" big airliner size type military planes and with my binoculars I was able to distinguish "9" different types of planes of the fighter's and big planes and they kept coming in until 10:35pm (pst) and the big planes landed last and one was a propeller type and they! finishe d landing by 11pm and I finished this report at 11:42pm (pst).

((NUFORC Note: Source of this report is anonymous, but apparently is the same person who telephoned our hotline about this alleged event. We have no other reports of "30-40" planes taking off from Nellis. Upon reflection, we suspect that few military air bases have 30-40 military aircraft, and the necessary crew members and necessary ground personnel, to get that many aircraft in the air on short notice, and in a very short period of time. Moreover, the air traffic control problem, it seems to us, would be significant. If anyone can provide more information about this alleged incident, we would be grateful for additional reports. PD))