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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/17/2001 22:20 (Entered as : 5/17/01 2220)
Reported: 5/22/2001 01:08
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Fair Oaks, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:Approx. three minutes
Three frightened students and a teacher see a most unusual sight in the night sky...

I am a music teacher. I was with three of my students in my car after a long vocal recording session. Two youngsters were in the back seat, one was seated up front. It was approximately 10:20pm, we were just leaving the recording studio, which is located in the back yard of a private resident. I pulled my car forward and was about to make a U-turn when I saw a large object moving slowly South, in the sky, just over a large tree. It had one light on the belly of the craft, which illuminated the bottom. It appeared to be a light gray metallic color. The shape of the craft appeared to be triangular, however, we could not see the top. It was in close proximity though, because we could clearly see the color, and a metallic reflection from the light. I stopped the car and pointed out this low flying craft to my students. We all thought it was a military vessel because of how big it was, and, we were about fifteen miles away from McClullan Air Force Base. However, one of my students commented on how slowly it was moving. It appeared as though it was just hovering, because it moved so slowly. I shut off the motor of my car and rolled down my window. This is when my students became agitated. There was no sound whatsoever. Then the craft went beneath the tree line quite suddenly. My students became very nervous and asked me to re-start the car and begin our trip home. The car started fine. We all continued to gaze at the large tree as I cirlcled the car in the opposite direction. It was when I stopped gazing, and put my eyes back on the road that I heard my students cry out, for the craft had re-appeared and was moving much faster now. I stopped the car to watch. It was indeed moving faster, and in the same direction. One of the kids started to cry, and become almost hysterical, yelling out "Go, Go!". I turned my eyes back to the raod and hit the trottle. All three cried out again, almost shrieking, because the craft had shot straight up in the sky and disappeared. I did not see this however, but by the pale faces of the kids, and the tears welling up in one child's eyes, I didn't doubt for a moment what had happened. The kids begged me to drive faster to get home, all the while, keeping a fixed eye out the back window. I am not an expert, nor amateur in military or commercial craft, and neither are the kids. It could have very well been something that could have been identified. But, for a craft to suddenly move straight up and disappear seems brow raising. What is also interesting, is that the kids have not spoken a word of this to any of their friends. I asked why, they stated that it scares them too much to talk about it. Well, I suppose you can blame that on too much tv and movie influence, I just don't know. All I do know, is what we all saw that night, and how frightened the kids were...yes, I was a bit nervous myself. I know the kids and I won't forget this experience either. I personally would like to know what it was. If this sounds like a common craft, I would like to be told what it is, so I can tell the kids.