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Occurred : 5/24/2001 00:57 (Entered as : 24/5/01 0057:00)
Reported: 5/23/2001 17:32
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Winchester (UK/England),
Shape: Other
Caterpillar of 4b orange orbs linked like atrain moving very fast in BW to SE direction over Winchester UK

I am a medical doctor of very sceptical and sound mind. I witnessed 4 orange orbs connected as a caterpillar moving very fast (i.e entered and left my visual fiel within 4 seconds) with consitency of light intensity and linear and purposeful movement as opposed to random flight. The object crossed my immediate visul field in an otherwise cloudless and moonless night from Nort East to south west direction appearing as a caterpillar train of 4 orange smll orbs inter- connected. I was facing due North at the time and looking upwards 25 degrees off vertical and due North. What the hell was that.... a space station?? terrrestial answers only please

((NUFORC Note: Witness is a highly trained specialist in the medical field. PD))