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Sighting Report
Occurred : 5/13/2001 23:15 (Entered as : 05/13/01 23.15)
Reported: 5/24/2001 03:49
Posted: 8/5/2001
Location: Bangalore (India),
Shape: Other
Duration:5 secs
Sighting over Bangalore, India

On The night of Sunday, 13th May 2001, I was with my friend who is an amateur astronomer. All evening he had been explaining to me about constellations. It was a clear moonless night. There were no clouds and the stars were very clear. At about 23.00 hrs we went up to the roof of my house to see the sky. My friend was showing me the constellations Scorpio and the Great Bear. We were facing North at around 23.15 hrs when suddenly we saw an object in the sky right above our heads. It was as huge as as an aeroplane as normally viewed from the ground. We do not know when it actually appeared in the sky before we saw it. The object was brown in colour, moving gently and steadily across the sky from south to north. It seemed like it was sailing in the sky. There was no sound or lights emanating from it. What was clearly visible was that it had a honeycomb like structure (as if it was made up of many similar cell like components). It was almost T-shaped with a long tail. The horizontal of the 'T' formed the front of the object. There was a haze around it. It seemed to be surrounded by some form of energy field or flux which looked like the object was in a fluid like state. The whole object and the surrounding flux was shimmering as it sailed past (the shimmering was similar to the view one gets when looking at something through the gases emanting from the exhaust of an aircraft just before take of or when one looks at the horizon on a hot day). Within about 5 secs from when we first saw it, the object suddenly faded out of view as if went into an invisible mode. The size of the object was the same visually when it faded away as when we first saw. It did not diminish in size. My friend and I then sat down to explore all possible explanations for the phenomenon and when we were convinced that it was a alien craft, we decided to call the office of the city's largest daily on the night of Monday, 14th May to inform them about the sighting. They were least interested in the sighting. We immediately sat down to record all that we could remember about the sighting. I have tried my best to give a graphic representation of the sighting. The .jpg file shows what the object looked like. In the gif animation I have tried to show the shimering nature. The flash file shows how it looked as it sailed past and how it faded away right before our eyes. Also enclosed is a map of Bangalore city and its location in the Southern India. What was really surprisng was on the morning of 15th May, the dailies all over India carried news articles about this strange mysterious ape like creature with robotic features that was sighted in Delhi. This creature has apparently attacked and injured more than hundred people over the last few days. (The first of these attacks started on April 8th, 2001 at Ghaziabad, India). Though none of the victims have been fatally wounded, there have been two deaths reported where one the victims reportedly jumped off the building while trying to escape the creature and the other, a pregnant woman tripped on the stairs and sustained fatal injuries on her head in the fall. All other victims carry abrasions on their hands, face and legs. Some have even commplained of their toes being bitten off. Reports of the appearance and capabilities of the creature vary slightly from person to person. Some have reported that the creature can jump to great heights when chased. It has been able to move at phenomnal speeds. There are also reports that simultaneous attacks have occurred at different places giving rise to the suspicion that there may be more than one of its kind around. The lastest sighting of the creature as of May 22nd, 2001 is that it has been spooted in the sate of Rajasthan to the west of India. The police initally suspected aliens but for some reason known only to them the stopped giving those versions and went on to propound other theories. I am very sure that there is a connection between the our sighting and what is happening at Delhi. That is why we have taken pains to carefully reconstruct the sighting in as detailed a manner as possible. Our Backgrounds: My friend is an Engineer by qualification who works in Quality Control in an engineering company. He is also an amateur astronomer who spends a lot of time with his telescope. I am also an Engineer by qualification working as head of Content Production in a software company providing web enabling services.

((NUFORC Note: The illustrations provided are quite intriguing. We may post them to our home page. PD))