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Occurred : 6/10/2001 03:15 (Entered as : 06-10-01 03:15)
Reported: 6/11/2001 08:36
Posted: 8/5/2001
Location: Wilmington, DE
Shape: Circle
Duration:10 seconds
Circular Shadow seen above Wilmington De on 6-10-01

OK I know this sounds stupid, in fact im 24 and could hardly believe it myself. All i will say as yesterday in the Wilmington, DE area i was laying outside my pool. Staring into the sky for no apparent reason other then to look at the clouds that were passing by. The clouds had covered the sun. I was staring into the sun area as i had sunglasses on. I stared for about 10 minutes up at the clouds not looking for UFOs blah blah. I live right near Philadelphia airport and have seen many airplanes etc and hear engines all the time. This, this was different, I couldnt believe my eyes. There amongst the clouds was a circular shape. 5 inches in diameter at least 12000 feet in the air. The clouds were high yesterday the ones that we had. There was no airport takeoffs or landings at the time i saw this object. Is kind of wierd but for about 10 minutes there was no jet engines nothing. In the clouds i could see the circular shadow of an object curving toward the thicker clouds. I started pointing up to the sky, my fiance was next to me as well as about 10-12 other people. I couldnt say anything i just pointed in awe. The clouds were thicker toward the philly area and that was when it took off into the thicker clouds. No engine noise no nothing. I know what i saw. Be it a ufo or hi tech govt vehicle is was nothing of this planet in my honest opinion. I dont know what it was but i do know it had perfect symetrical form from where i was laying it was about 5 inches in diameter it had to be at least 10000 feet in the air, as the clouds were super hi yesterday. And that is my story. Next thing i know i couldnt stop thinking of it all day. I have no photographs i have no video only my words to describe it. Believe or dont i dont really care. Im writing this cause I saw something yesterday. Something that changed my views of the world and what is out there. Something is and its not human. I saw it with my own eyes.