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Occurred : 7/13/2001 13:32 (Entered as : 07/13/01 1:32pm)
Reported: 7/12/2001 23:12
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Port Huron, MI
Shape: Triangle
Duration:8 sec.
Triangle shape in the sky moving fast with rows of dim lights.

I was out walking the dog and looking up at the night sky. It came from out of the south heading north. It was going real fast, and at first I thought it might be a jet but, as I watched it go till I could not see it any more it didnt make a sound. It was big and I could make out rows of lights. the lights did not blink and were a dim yellow. I could not tell how high up it was, it seemed to be both high up and low to the ground. The speed that it went was unreal, it went from one side of the sky to the other in about 8 seconds. It was triangle shaped, or the lights made up a triangle shape.