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Sighting Report
Occurred : 7/21/2001 22:05 (Entered as : 7/21/01 10:05 pm)
Reported: 7/22/2001 15:38
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Osceola (Town of, near Long Lake), WI
Shape: Sphere
Duration:3 hours +
Large hazy amber orb with two bright greenish-blue orbs circling object wildly.

My wife and I and at least 50 witnesses were out at Long Lake Recreational Area outside near the north end of Long Lake (located east of Fond du Lac County). At approximately 10:05 p.m., a series of very unusual events began occurring and continued late into the early morning hours. At 10:05 p.m., we were looking south and could plainly see the planet Mars off the southern horizon. Slightly east of this location, a large bright amber colored light rose straight up from behind a forest of trees in the distance. The object went up approximately 25 degrees off the horizon and moved in a northerly direction at about the speed of a fast moving airplane. As it was removing, it seemed to drop round orbs of amber colored lights. It continued and disappeared in the northern horizon. As it disappeared, a second object reappeared exactly as before and followed the exact path as the first object. This object also headed north and seemed to stop before the northern horizon. At this point, a third object rose again at the same exact starting point as the other two. It rose up and became extremely bright white and accelerated in a northerly direction in the same path as the previous two. Along its path several times, it seemed to flare up bright and dim and several times it seemed to drop amber balls of light. As it approached close to the second light, the second light blinked out and the third light continued northerly and finally blinked out. This series of events started at 10:05 to 10:20 pm. At this point, everything seemed to calm down. At this point, we were excited but some of us felt these 3 events could perhaps be described as airplanes or pyrotechnic devices, therefore, no one seemed to draw irrational conclusions. This was only the beginning of several strange events that were to follow. At approximately 10:35 pm, a 4th amber ball of light rose from the general location as the previous three. At this time, the fourth light however headed westerly instead of northerly and seemed to hover approximately 30 degrees off the southern horizon and was blocked by trees approximately the first 20 degrees. Now the object after it headed west seemed to head north directly toward us and became quite large, approximately the size of a small finger fingernail at arm's length. At this time, became extremely white bright and then extradionary the orange's object seemed to have a definite halo or fog around it. Outside of this halo were two distinct bright greenish-blue tiny orbs that continued to circle and rotate wildly around the object. At times, the two greenish-blue orbs would seem to stop directly in front of the object and at times, they would stop and change direction wildly. Other times, they would circle around the top or bottom or around the side of it. This wild movement continued for approximately 35 minutes and was seen by at least 50 witnesses, some had video cameras and still cameras. After approximately 35 minutes, a major event occurred. At this time, the large amber object seemed to split into two. One piece shot directly down towards the ground and was covered by the trees. The second piece seemed to disappear. At this time, one of the intense greenish blue orbs "shot" directly up and northward at an extremely high rate of speed covering the sky from where it had been to the northern horizon in perhaps 8 seconds. The other greenish-blue orb continued to stay in the general area above where the amber orb seemed to have descended or crashed to earth. The time now was approximately 11:15 pm. The one remaining greenish-blue orb continued to move wildly up and down, side to side doing circles and loops but stayed in the general close area. The single orb continued to move wildly into the early morning hours. Unfortunately, I left for home approximately 12 midnight and drove home. Several friends of mine stayed until 1:30 am and the object was still there and doing its wild dance. I don't know how long this continued because most people left near or at this time. During all these events, I had a 35mm camera equipped with a 450 mm lens mounted on a heavy duty tripod and was using 1600 ISO rated color print film. While looking through the view finder and centering the object in the microprism, I could clearly see the object move wildly and I know my camera wasn't moving nor was I. I shot approximately 30 shots of film during both major events, the first three and the fourth. Also, I used a 10x50 BAK4 optics glass binoculars meant for astromonical use and viewed the object. Clearly, I could see what appeared to be an envelope of haze or fog that surrounded the amber light. The two greenish-blue lights appeared clearly and extremely bright and very distinct with no haze whatsoever surrounding them. The greenish-blue orbs reminded me of what appeared to be bees flying around the object in a nonrestrictive orbit, changing directions and paths many times.

((NUFORC Note: Several reports. Please see reports from other witnesses. PD))