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Occurred : 7/27/2001 00:45 (Entered as : 07/27/01 00:45)
Reported: 7/28/2001 16:44
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Meridian, ID
Shape: Diamond
Duration:30 Sec. - 2 hours
Three Head Lights, Plasma bottom, Different colors, Bizzar flying Patterns, 2 encounters almost exactly 1 year apart.

July 27th, 2001 While Driving Home From my GirlFriends house at 12:45, I was heading northbound on Meridian Road in between Ustick and McMillan. While coming to the stop sign at the intersection of Meridian and McMillan I saw a Green light coming from the field northwest of the intersection. It was about 50 feet high in the air, moving parallel with McMillan about 40 feet north of the road. It was coming towards me and then the Green light dissapated. I could still tell their was an object flying in the sky and when it came to the point where it was going to cross meridian road, it banked and turned 180 degrees and was then heading west. I was probably fifty yards from the craft. Then, the belly of this diamond craft lit up like white lava and radiated very bright light on the ground. As soon as the craft lit up, it dived for the ground and then pulled up back to about 50 feet from the ground. Then the plasma light on the belly completely shut off. I saw It then bank, and turn another 180 degrees and it was coming towards me again, still moving parallel with McMillan coming towards meridian road. Then the Front of the craft illuminated it's front "Head Lights." It had three very large lights on the front of the craft. The lights remind me of lights in a Football stadium. The middle light was slightly higher then the other Lights on each side. Then the Diamond shaped UFO started to radiate colors from the end of its wings. Not blinking lights like an airplane, But slowly appearing light that gradually became brighter in color. I beleive the first color was blue, then red then green. It took about 5-7 seconds for each color to come on very dim, gradually become brighter and then dim out-to start the next color. After the green color on the edges of the UFO dimmed, the front headlights shut off, the UFO banked and turned again, the belly lit up and the CYCLE repeated itself. Instantly I knew I had encountered it again. Absolutely nobody was on the desolate farming roads except for me. I had a sensation ! of an ov erwhelming feeling that I needed to leave the area ASAP. The only logical thing I could think of doing was to drive where lots of people were, so I headed towards boise down McMillan street at a very fast pace. July 28 2000. While coming home from work at 1:20 in the morning on a late thursday night (Friday morning), I saw the exact same UFO I had just described. Except this was the first time I had ever encountered a UFO. The exact coloring, shape, plasma bottom, three head lights and the cycles of going in circles were all the same. But, I didn't recognize it untill I pulled into my driveway at home. It was probably 100 yards away from me and the three headlights (It was so bright, that Is all I could see)was coming straight for me. I scrambled inside of my house, and paced back in forth in disbeleive of what it was. I kept seeing the craft fly about 30 feet high off of the ground on my street where my house resides. I quickly woke my father up to tell hime about the flying crafts outside of our house. He woke up and walked outside with me. Nothing was their. He went back to bed thinking I was insane. About 20 minutes later I heard the distinct humming noise this diamond craft makes and I immediately went back to wake my father up. We went outside again and the craft was farther off in the distance. Within a minute or so the craft was in our back yard, doing the cycles and my dad was so scared, he ran in the house (of course I did too). We peeked out of our windows and watched the craft for about an hour and a half, going back and forth inside and outside. While watching the UFO, it did it's cycles in three spots within about a couple of miles. The first cycle was right near our house. Then the craft would fly about 2 miles southeast and do some cycles there. Then the UFO would go directly west and do more cycles and then come back to our house, (northeast) and continue its cycles. Three different spots of continuous cycles and then repitition. This lasted for nearly 2 hours..... The UFO was quiet large. I would say it is bigger then an average size home, Especially the width. For how big it was, It meandered through the air like a hang-glider. For something that big to be flying 50-60 feet off of the ground and turning around and diving towards the ground, ruled out any logical explanation of what I think it could be. I also realized that when I had come across the UFO for the second time, it was one day away from being exactly one year from when I saw the first one. The only thing I can conclude, is that both experiences happend on the last thursday night (Early friday morning) of July 2000 and July 2001