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Occurred : 7/16/2001 23:00 (Entered as : 7/16/01 23.00)
Reported: 8/1/2001 15:22
Posted: 8/5/2001
Location: Mazarron (Spain),
Flashing pinpricks of light of very high intensity white light ,over night sky two nights running.

We were camping in the open country, clear sky,hot, no clouds. We were sitting looking up at the sky watching for anything that might move accross the sky. My back was to the plough/big dipper and in an area of darkness, (to the naked eye) we both saw a bright flash of light, followed some 10 seconds later by another flash in what seemed to be the same place. The light was like a pinprick in size, but the light was white and intensly bright. The area where the light was was in the s.e approx mid way between the horizon and directly overhead. Shortly after this from the west we watched an object move e.n.e. moving spasmodically. It was lit to intensity of dull star two objects one from the north and one for the south moved towards it and seemed to dissapeer, as did the orriginal object. They were very high, and we were not able to discern any lights on or shape of the orriginal object, which I had been watching through field glasses. Later, possibly 10 minutes after this a large round object moved e to w.s.w steadily accross the sky. I watched it with field glasses untill I could no longer see it. It was a dull yellow, seemed to glow, not shine. I could see no other lights and it was very high, yet it was clearly bigger than any satalite I have seen. THE FOLLOWING NIGHT 17th July 2001. 20.40 hrs. Mazarron, Spain. warm night, clear sky. 3 objects move accross the sky with about 8 to 10 minute intervals. They followed the same flight path, travelling roughly s to n. Viewed through the field glasses they seemed illuminated, by the sun perhaps, but with the naked eye they appeared only slightly lighter than the sky. At 23.02 I spotted another of these objects on the same pathway. I was using the field glasses. It was almost overhead when it just dissapeered. I could not see it at all after this. Some 3 to 4 mins. later a bright light the size of a pinhead flashed for a few seconds in the area where the object had dissapeered. Then: some 15 to 20 secs later a similar flash seen an inch or so from the last flash on the forward line of projection. Some 15 secs later a further flash seen 12 inches e. of the last then two more in the area between the previous flashes. Some 30 secs later a final flash in the line of flight of the three previous objects The plough/big dipper was at my back at all times. NIGHT OF 18th July. 22.00hrs. warm some cloud. Sky not really dark, only Venus and a few of the brightest stars visable. I looked up and saw a bright star. I realised that there was no bright star at that point, looked again and saw it move s. to n. on a line approx to that of the previous night. It reached a point over my head and dissapeered. I scanned the sky for some time but saw nothing. At 22.30ish. I saw a bright flicker to the s.e. Then an object moving n.w. to s. steadily. No lights visable through field glasses. I am sorry that I am not good at giving better direction/sky positions, but I have little knowledge in this direction. However I do know that these bright flashes of light were not natural, and they were so very very bright, even though they were no bigger than a pin head to the naked eye.

((NUFORC Note: We are not certain what the witnesses were observing, but we believe that the first possibility to consider would be orbiting objects, e.g. satellites, tumbling rocket booster shells, Iridium satellites, etc.. However, that is not to say that the witnesses are nto witnessing something unusual. It would require some investigation to establish what it is they are observing. PD))