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Occurred : 7/28/2001 03:20 (Entered as : 07/28/01 03:20)
Reported: 8/3/2001 11:37
Posted: 2/25/2003
Location: Wichita Falls, TX
Shape: Triangle
Duration:apprx. 5to 6 seconds
sighting of 15 to 20 white trangles in early morning hours of 7-28 01over texas

I'm writing in reguards to a sighting by my husband and myself. At approx. 3;20 am saturday morning july 28 2001. In our backyard we were watching the delta aquarids meter shower, suddenly my husband yelled "What the **** is that ***** do you see that!I looked to the north where he was looking. I saw approx. 15 to 20 white triangles just over the roof of our home. they were in a trianglur formation. At first you could only see the side and part of the top of these things then they sort of banked our direction and you could see the intire shape of the trangle. these things looked like they were lite from above {a light source shing down from above} but the moon had already set. After banking or whatever they did they dissaperd behind a large pecan tree in our front yard. the sighting lasted approx. 6 seconds.There was no sound or wind at the time , skies were clear.They were approx 1 thumnail at arms lenght after banking. They moved west to east we were facing north They were approx. 30 to 35 degrees above the north horizon.I would guess the distance at apporox. one mile or so but could have been more.This sighting was very upsetting to my husband and myself. I have tried to find a reasonal explanition for this sighting but the only thing I could come up with is a flock of geese but I checked into that. geese flap there wings when they fly.there was no movement like that also geese dont glow on moonless nights.Also the geese that migrate thur this part of the country are mostly grey. Whatever we saw was white and glowing and travaled in a solid triangle not a hollow v.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke at length with this witness, and we found her to be an exceptionally good observer and reporter of fact. She asserts that she and her husband consider themselves seasoned sky watchers, and they are amateur astronomers. Her ability to describe the objects, and the event, in factual, unambiguous terms was exceptional. We suspect this is an extremely interesting report. PD))