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Occurred : 8/27/2001 04:15 (Entered as : 8-27-01 ~4:15)
Reported: 8/29/2001 09:08
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Martinez, CA
Shape: Other
Duration:~1 hrs
moving star looking light

I watched this star looking light for Aprox. 1 hrs. It was the most unusual thing in the night sky I ever seen. It moved back and forth and stopped repeatedly gradually working its why north. Over Martinez to Benicia then over Vallejo and keep going north ( See yesterday report for more detail and description). If I can just get someone with a consistent sighting people wont think I'm nuts. Did the Navy or Airforce seen this unusual moving thing. The way it moved was not consistent with any Airplane or satellite Iv seen. No helicopters fly that altitude. What was it ? Did any astronomers see it. I woke one neighbor to witness this and she thought it might be new technology in weather monitoring equipment. I need answers so people won't look at me like a fool when I tell them.

((NUFORC Note: Reports is not inconsistent with the sighting of a twinkling star. If the witness was looking to the western sky, a celestial body would move down and to the right. PD))