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National UFO Reporting Center
Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/3/2001 23:00 (Entered as : 9/3/01 11:00 pm)
Reported: 9/3/2001 20:50
Posted: 10/12/2001
Location: Holland, MI
Shape: Diamond
Duration:Still here, but moving
Sighting of a unidentified light or craft over Lake Michigan

Object appeared as a "Shining Star", but was moving. Used binoculars, and was flashing yellow, green, blue, and red colors. We were watching it through a opening in tress in our backyard. With the opening, we could gage that it was actually moving! we watched if for better than a hour. The first time we saw it, it was in the middle of the large opening of tree's, about 45 minutes later it was to the right side of the opening we were watching it through. It appeared as if it was hovering around. You could actually see it moving, but didn't actually leave that space in the sky. A plane would keep moving until it went out of sight. This stayed in that general area. The distance seemed to put it over "Lake Michigan".

((NUFORC Note: We note that the object is not inconsistent with a celestial body in the night sky. The witnesses were looking to the west over Lake Michigan, so any celestial object in that area of the sky will appear to move generally from left to right. PD))