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Occurred : 9/4/2001 21:00 (Entered as : 09/04/01 21:00)
Reported: 9/4/2001 21:18
Posted: 2/5/2003
Location: Crestline, OH
Shape: Other
Duration:3 hours
Unusual Flashing lights and explosions over North Central Ohio

At apporoximately 21:00 hours on 09/04/2001, I witnessed a red flashing light appear over the southern sky in North Central Ohio. The Red Light had a duratino of approximately 3 to 10 seconds, with an elevation of approximately 400-500 feet. After the red light disappeared, there was a large bright-white "explosion " between 50-100 feet above the original location of the red light. The "explosion was then accompanied by a smaller flashing blue-white light, hich appeared to be flashing in a pattern. In a rural area, this light was extreamly unusual as there are no power or cellular towers in that direction and area. After observing this for about half an hour, I confirmed with the Local Municipal Airport Radar Control(Mansfield Lahm Internation Airport) that there was indead something in the sky. According to the Controler, there were four objects in that general location that were appearing on radar, but thaey were not any form of known aircraft. They appeared to him as ghost objects on the radar, but kept re-appearing, and were moving almost due North in a straight line, and were moving at an abnormally low rate of speed. After confirmation that what I was witnessing was indeed real, I started observing the lights even closer. The lights appeared top be on a translucent structure between 400-500 foot tall. THere were four red lights forming an almost perfec geometric square. After the Red light would disppear, and before the White lights would start flashing I could see the structure, it was very narrow in appearance. Approximately 20 foot wide. While the lights were not on, I could notice a "cloud" at the very bottom of this structure, but there was no real substance to the structure. I could see landscape behind the object, but it appeared to be distorted, or out of focus. When either of the lights would reappear, the cloud at the bottom would be gone. Also, upon closer investigation ( I Got out the binocular) The red lights appeared to be emitting a laser of some form. You could see the beam due to! the hum idity in the air. At approximately 23:00 I witnessed nine aircraft flying over the vincinity, and appeared to be in a search pattern over the unknown object. Also, I was able to write down the flashing pattern of the lights, and it appears to repeat itself. I know this sounds crazy, but I have seen unusuall lights over this area in the past, and I know I am not seeing things. I am a College Graduate (BA-Business Admin) and I am an Independant Computer Consultant, and I find this information somewhat disturbing. If you have any information about this siting, please let me know.