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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/8/2001 00:35 (Entered as : 09/08/01 00:35)
Reported: 9/8/2001 12:44
Posted: 10/12/2001
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Shape: Formation
Duration:30 sec.
Fast, dull-white light multiplies and changes formation multiple time.

What follows is exactly as witnessed on the night of September 8, 2001. My wife and I were out on our balcony at our apartment complex. We have somewhat of a limited view of the eastern sky from this vantage point due to trees, however, I was watching a distant storm cloud moving northeast. It had my attention because flashes of cloud lightning were brillantly illuminating the cloud itself. These ended and while talking with my wife I noticed a dull white light moving at a very high rate of speed, seemingly in the cloud itself. It's speed is what first drew my attention. Being in Fort Worth, approximately 15 miles from DFW airport, there's quite a lot of air traffic in the area. But this was moving faster than even low flying aircraft move in the night skies. At first I thought the light was within the cloud itself, moving out of it. Although now upon reflection that couldn't of been the case: this storm cloud was much too far off to see such a light. And indeed it wasn't behind or in the cloud. Upon reaching the cloud's edge and emerging from it, I realized the light had the same dull white appearance as it did while seemingly in the cloud. The light had to have been much closer to us than the storm cloud. At that point I stood up from the rocking chair I was seated at, and moved quickly to the railing to get a better look. At that time, the object - or light- which originally was singular became a group of three or four lights of similar hue and size. No blinking or FAA lights could be seen. These were not airplanes. They continued moving in what seemed to be either a diamond or a square formation. Then at that time, and, of course, this is what really peaked my interest, the object(s) split into a "V" formation. Or, if not trully a "V," then a formation shaped similar to a banana with a slight to moderate curve in it. Following this, the object(s) distanced themselves from one another, still in the same formation, but spaced apart more. (And I should mention at this point that e! very cha nge in formation occurred almost instantaneously. I could see the movement, but it was faster that anything I have ever before seen in the sky.) Still moving at what was a southeasternly direction, a single light of the same brightness, shape and size moved into the formation from ahead. It moved into the formation seemingly at the same rate of speed as the other object(s) that were moving toward it. This independent light joined the formation at dead center or perhaps slightly below this point. Then the object(s) regrouped into the box or diamond formation and slowed significantly, if not stopping. Together they rose in altitude slightly before again forming the tight "V-banana" formation. At this time the object(s) were about to enter the blind spot of my balcony so I ran outside, downstairs, and around my apartment building in an attempt to gain view unobstructed by foilage. However, because of the strong light from the rising moon and the faint, dull light of the object(s) themselves I was unable to again locate it. And realizing the speed at which the object(s) seemed to be moving at, I knew the sighting was over. Upon joining me downstairs, by wife did say before she lost sight of the object(s) the tight "V-banana" formation loosened up. Again, this occurred at approximately 00:30-00:35 hours on September 8, 2001. The weather conditions were windy and partly cloudy with the wind and clouds moving in a northeasternly direction. And while the sky was cloudy, an equal amount of clear, visible sky was to be seen. The object(s) moved in a southeasternly direction which, from where I live, would put in on a crow's flight toward Arlington, Texas. I am 26 years of age, college-educated, with a degree in English. Struggling as a writer, I spend my days earning a living as a salesman for a contracting company. My wife is one year younger than me and is a 6th grade teacher.