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Occurred : 9/17/2001 05:55 (Entered as : 09/17/01 05:55)
Reported: 9/17/2001 18:57
Posted: 10/12/2001
Location: Edgewater, FL
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5 seconds
Fadeing star triangle craft

I was going into work, I pulled into work around 5:55 AM eastern time. I walked up to the building where a few coworkers were standing having one last cig befor work. I didnt feel too social this mornning due to the topic of conversation! I set down my lunch box and water bottle leaned up aginst a pole pulled out a cig and fired it up. I noticed the sky was really clear probably due to a small cold front. I was looking south up at some stars when they started moving. I could not see the body of the craft due to the darkness but there were lights on the thing witch twinkled like stars in the shape of a V . I couldnt believe what i was seeing i took a few steps forward or tord the craft whitch was about 100yrds away the craft was moving south not too fast at first then the next thing i know the lights on the craft kinda fade out leaving behind it the blackness of the night sky!