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Occurred : 9/22/2001 21:00 (Entered as : 09/22/01 21:00)
Reported: 9/24/2001 8:46:44 PM 20:46
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Pueblo, CO
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3 hours
Multiple UFO sightings in Pueblo 09/22/01

Four of us were sitting on lawn chairs out on our deck at approx 9:00 p.m MST, Sept. 22nd 2001 in Pueblo, Colorado. There was a nice light breeze and thin clouds with spaces between them were continuously rolling over the mountain range out to the east. The moon was approx 1/4 and out to the south west about 30-40 degrees, with clouds obscuring it sometimes. Observer 1 noticed an object directly upward which at first glance could be mistaken for a bright star, only he said it was moving. He pointed it out to us, and myself(observer 2) and observer 3 also could see it moving, almost fluttering around much like a bee, kind of bouncing ever so slightly. We kept watching it and started noticing there were many more overhead that were moving around too. They all appeared as stars at first, some more intense in light than the others. The light was constant, not blinking, but fading in and out. Observer 3 said he saw a blue light coming from one of them, changing back and forth from blue to white occasionaly. I personally noticed about 3 or 4 of these things moving, dancing on the edges of the clouds, almost trying to hide themselves with the moving clouds. They never went too far from their apparent location in the sky, but appeared to all of us that they were rapidly changing up and down in altitude at times, the light would sometimes be diffused by the clouds. We called my mom out, observer 4 to take a look. She said she could see them moving around too. Remember, this is just my account of this eyewitness, and I may have forgotten a few things, as I am writing this 24 hours after the sighting. Nevertheless, it is still very freshly ingrained in my mind. I am going to encourage the others to post their accounts of this on this website too. Just after observer 4 saw these objects, observer 3 decided to go home. Us 3 kept watching the skies, and woke my dad up to come see at approx 9:30. He looked for a just a few minutes and didn't seem to interested or convinced and went back inside and went to ! bed. Us 3 kept watching, myself and observer 3 lied down on the benches on the deck so we could see straight up. There seemed to be more and more of them appearing out of nowhere, fluttering around the clouds, which were diminishing and the skies gradually getting clearer. When all of a sudden, 2 seconds of sheer terror and astonishment at the same time. A triangular shaped, HUGE OBJECT, darts across the sky, seeming to be relatively low in elevation, and MASSIVE in size. It was almost like a shadow, an ominous bird taking up a good portion of our view. It could have been a very tight formation of several craft, or just one HUGE one. I thought I saw maybe nine arrow like faint lights or reflections of city lights below all pointing forward, almost like a formation jets fly in. We yelled out because this thing was flat out the fastest thing I have ever seen in my life. It covered the portion of the sky visible to us in those one to at most two seconds we saw it. Not only that but perhaps the biggest thing too. It was probably only in view for only 1-2 seconds. All of us saw it, and realized we had shrieked out in amazement, saying what the hell was that!!!!!!!!!! I can't begin to tell you what kind of feeling came across me, and us. Goosebumps and heart racing. It was so stealthy, appearing kind of neutral in color, not dark and not light, almost transparent, but blocking the background above it. It was going due South, DIRECTLY over us. Observer 3 said it reminded her of a huge Thunderbird. It appeared to be about only a couple thousand feet up, and about as big as my hand when held as far away as possible. As we gathered ourselves and asked eachother about it, while still looking up, another one flew over, maybe 5 or 10 minutes after the first one. We all briefly screamed again, because we were excited about seeing the first one, and something that moves that fast is supposed to scare you!! We are ALL CERTAIN we saw the same thing. This one didn't appear as large, but going just as fast, who could estimate the ! speed of these things, but I would say several thousand miles an hour, that fast!!!!!!!! IMPRESSIVE.... At this point we were wonderin what the hell was going on, almost like being in a dream, where you can't believe your eyes. But it's real and you know it. We live on the outskirts of town where many people have animals, and we heard dogs barking, horses and donkeys beying, pet geese making all kinds of noise. The second (relative to the size) also appeared to be flying low, maybe half as large as the first one that flew directly overhead, north to south just as the first. They made NO noise whatsoever, and left no trails, only in view for an instant. They appeared to be going straight and at a constant velocity, real damn fast. How could this be happening? Are they ours? I don't see how they could be, given the apparent size and speed. But you never know. All the while, these star looking lights, that were moving around, almost confined to an area, started to have more activity. We witnessed several of them shoot across the sky over the next hour or so, almost like meteor trals, but the trails much much longer then a meteorite's, but not seeing that ominous "big bird" again. Observer 1 was freaking out a little, and decided to go inside to sleep. Myself and observer 3 stayed outside, waiting and watching when whizzzzzzzzz Two light colored objects about 70 degrees up to the east of us, coming out of the North again, going south, were two light colored Diamand shaped craft, resembling big planes with only wings and no tail or fuseloge, whizzed across the sky with the same breakneck speed, then the were gone, disappearing as quickly as they appeared. Where are they going? Back to Nevada or New Mexico? Or better question, where are the coming from? We might never know. But we have to believe, anyone looking in the Pueblo skies that night HAD to have seen it too, just too much activity, too many things moving, and the flyovers, those were enormous crafts, too big to miss, but maybe too fast for someone to see if n! ot looki ng up at all times. This had started at about 9:00 pm and at midnight, still happening. I think I had seen some sort of UFO sighting about 12 years ago, but it was nothing as convincing and REAL and fast and awesome as this. So us two keep looking at the skies and noticed a formation of flickering lights off to the east about 30-40 degrees up. It looked like a mini little dipper constellation, only the objects were dancing around this look alike formation, way to small to be the little dipper. We kept watching this because it seems to have appeared out of nowhere. The objects seemed to be about 2-3 times the width in length, appeared bluish white in light, and danced and tumbled around almost like a school of fish. We were getting tired and weary and decided to go to sleep. That's it. Hope to see them again, next time I will have my camcorder on a tripod, recording constantly looking straight up. I didn't have it at the time of the sighting and no pictures were taken. This eyewitness was just too eery and too scary not to report, I'm sure some people will think I'm crazy, but 4 people can't see the same thing and it not be real. Besides, I'm almost certain that other people in the Pueblo area had to see it and will hopefully report this as well.