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National UFO Reporting Center
Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/2/1999 22:00 (Entered as : 01/02/99 22:00)
Reported: 10/10/2001 5:35:06 AM 05:35
Posted: 10/12/2001
Location: Sydney (NSW, Australia),
Shape: Light
Duration:9 minutes
Two lights in the sky interacting with each other in the most astounding way

A light caught my attention as me and my friend were standing outside the house and talking quietly late at night. I looked up at a plane flying past and a small light dot in the sky caught my eye. I asked my friend whether he could see what i was seeing and it took some time before he confirmed that he could see what i saw. We stood there for 20 seconds and we watched it move in a sharp parabolic path and then resume a straight direction as if it were turning on to a course. I got very exited and i asked my friend whether he had a pair of binoculars and he said yes and ran to get them from inside his house. Once he got out i still had my eye on this faint object. At the beginning of the sighting it was bright and then later it started getting darker as it moved over away from us towards the distant horizon in a diagonal motion. I managed to aim the binoculars at the light dot by using one eye to focus on the light dot and the other eye to search through one of the binocular lenses. Next, I saw the most remarkable sight that almost sent me into tears from exitement. I saw the little dot clearly in my binoculars and obviously it was much larger due to the binoculars' magnification. It still was a light dot though but a bit larger and no real distinct features were seen. Further on through the sighting, I kept focusing on the light dot as it moved and then i lost sight of it due to myself shaking from the cold. I managed to regain the sight of the light dot but i also managed to gain sight of something even more astounding that i cannot comprehend clearly. The light continued on but it "met up" with a larger cigar shaped craft that was around 12 times the size of this light dot. I could see the whole craft and it was truly enormous compared to the light dot. The dot then moved towards this huge craft and went up very close to the cigar shaped craft and stayed really close for about 30 seconds and then started shining brighter and became a bit larger and move perpendicular to the cigar shaped crafts hull ! or fusel age. It moved away to the left in my point of view and i felt heart broken to have to be able to choose which craft to observe since they both were increasing their distance from each other. I decided to look at the light dot and it was bright for a short period of time before resuming to a darker shade like the shade observed before the approach of the cigar craft. I was describing everything that i was seeing to my friend who was standing next to me and asking what was happening. Once the craft was some distance away from the cigar shaped craft (I presume) then it started travelling faster and faster until i could hardly keep up with the binoculars. It kept going faster and became darker and darker and dissappereared into black. I tryed refocusing back on to the cigar shaped craft but i could not find it in the night sky. I knew that i was viewing all of this near the horizon but it was up in the sky, very high up. I was shaken because of the sight that i encountered and I till today remember it very clearly. It remains one of the greatest sights that i have ever seen in my life. I have sighted similar lights when i was out on holidays but i never saw such variations in movement and interaction with other lights in the sky. I currently go out in summer on hoilday to the country just to dedicate time into viewing the lights and/or even greater observations.