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Occurred : 10/14/2001 06:00 (Entered as : 10/14/01 06:00)
Reported: 10/14/2001 8:43:02 AM 08:43
Posted: 11/20/2001
Location: Adkins, TX
Shape: Diamond
Erratically moving bright object with red and blue aura

We were standing outside on my front porch when one friend noticed a bright light moving. He first thought it was a star, but it began to move erratically. He pointed out that it was unusally bright and had an odd shape. We began to watch as the craft came closer towards us. It was moving slow and seemed to be dipping and rising. We grabbed our binoculors, we noticed it had a red light around a bright white light. I thought it was two red lights, one on top and bottom, while my friend saw red on bottom and blue trailing. Two of us saw a blue slow blinking light heading towards the main craft. When it got near the craft, it suddenly headed straight down, leaving a blue tail like that of a comet. We tracked the object until dawn, when we could no longer see it.


Dear Ms. ((name deleted)),

Thank you very much for the excellent report!

How long did you watch the object(s), please? It is not clear from your report whether it was 2 hours, or two minutes. You state that you watched it (them?) until dawn, but I don't know how long that was.

Thank you very much for sharing the information with our Center!


Peter B. Davenport, Director


We watched for about two hours. I went in and out of the house a couple times, but my two friends stayed out watching. We couldn't believe what we were seeing! It was one object only. I hope this helps -