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Occurred : 6/15/1995 21:00 (Entered as : 6/15/95 21:00)
Reported: 10/14/2001 11:33:49 PM 23:33
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Malvern, PA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:15-20 min
Triangular shaped with "mother of pearl" swirling light...six green square lights all on bottom

I was driving to an event for my brother. I was late, as usual, so I was driving fast to get there. I was whipping around the back roads of Malvern, PA. The road in particular is called Providence Rd. People in the area know it as a short cut, but it is very hilly and out of the way. I remember it was Sunday night, about 9:00 PM. Noone on the road and as I came over this one hill I noticed three white lights in the distance (20 miles). I was a clear night, and not that dark. The sun had gone down not that long ago. I thought this is cool, must be some sort of military jets or something because it looked like they were in formation. But the more I looked they weren't that close together.

Separated from each other by more than 10 miles or so, but they looked similar...three bright white lights. I was heading north on Providence so two of the objects were heading east, the ones farther away from me, and then I realized one of them was heading in my direction, heading south southeast! Once again, I was excited because I just thought this thing was like a F-15 or something. It kept getting closer and closer. So I slowed down because noone was around and it looked like it was going to pass right over me so then once I realized that I came to a complete stop. I opened my moonroof to get a good look, thinking I would see afterburners etc.

Instead, I was shocked. First there was no noise...nothing. The car was stopped and this was a desolate road. The only thing I heard were crickets. The white light was on its front, but then it started to pass over. I would say it was about 300-500 ft. up, actually very low for a flying object. The speed was also slow, almost like it was giving me a show or something. I could make out that it was a triangular shaped object. Not a perfect triangle though. It had a point in the front(where the white light was) then two straight lines/edges down the back and then two triangular shaped wings. It really did look like a plane kind of, but trust me it was no plane because what I saw on the underbelly of this thing was like nothing I have ever seen, unless our military is way more advanced then I give them credit for. Near the front of the craft on the bottom there was something I cannot even put into words. It was a ball shaped object which almost looked suspended from the craft, and the thing that always sticks out and why I feel it was extraterrestrial was the color of this object. The simple fact was, there was no one color. It constantly changed color, and not like blue one second and then red. Not like that at all. The only way I can describe it, it was like "mother of pearl". The white would form with other colors...mixing..blues greens reds and yellows.....then swirl to another color, but the white was always the background. It just kept changing as it passed over. Then behind it were 6 green square lights three on a side in a row. To the right and left of the last green lights was where the wings were. I was so in shock and so stunned, I just stared as it passed. I mean I am an intelligent guy, I believe that there could be life out there. I guess I never thought I would see it. Of course I didnt have a camera or anything. After it passed I just sat there for about five minutes in shock. Not thinking I should follow. Then it dawned on me that I should and talk to someone about it! or reco rd it. I started the car and kept going north looking for a place to turn around, and I saw the two other white lights again...still heading east. I started to chase them but I realized they were too far and I couldnt gain ground on them...moving to fast. I am not sure if those were jets following it or other UFO's, but the thing that passed over me was definitely a UFO. By the time I turned around to find that one, it was gone too.