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Occurred : 5/27/2000 16:30 (Entered as : 05/27/00 4:30 est)
Reported: 10/17/2001 9:55:24 PM 21:55
Posted: 11/20/2001
Location: Lake Havasu, AZ
Shape: Disk
U.F.O. Pic taken in Az

Reported by: Bob - New York - June 9, 2000, at 16:37:22 - Photo of object UFO Sighting - Lake Havasu, AZ - Date: 05/27/00 - Time: 4:30 PM EST Additional Information: Photo of UFO: Realized after taken back to home in NY Witnesses: ?? - Objects Shape: Unknown - Number of objects: 1 Event Description: I was on vacation in Lake Havasu AZ (to a big Mardi Gras type of party) on a sand bar of Lake Havasu (part of Colorado River)...Memorial Day weekend year 2000.

I took many pictures while there with regular disposable cameras, as well as with my new digital camcorder & new 3.3 mega pixel digital camera. The picture was taken on Memorial Day weekend (not sure was likely on Saturday maybe Sunday), but I did not so realize until after I downloaded it from my camera to my CPU hard drive..even then it was two days later, I realized what was in the picture.

This looks like no plane or helicopter I know of or any other flying craft I am aware of. There was at a time a helicopter was around, but helicopters look nothing like what I caught on the photo. More than anything, I am looking to see if this is a "flying saucer" of some type or if it can be explained as something else. I already tried blowing up the photo on my CPU (have original compact flash card untouched since realizing what I may have captured) and it does not look like a balloon or anything like that.

I can email a copy (digital cameras are great) to a lab or facility to try to authenticate it. Please advise how I can determine what I have in the picture.... Thanks, Bob I had reported this to the site mystical i since realise they r not perhaps the best to have reported this for proper study.

i ofcourse have the original picture & have not nor will i ever erace the compact flash card i took the picture on.

the site i posted the picture on used to show the whole picture..but now a year later they only show a small portion of the pic..the way they show it now,one can not get full perspective of the object..

if wanted i can email a unedited copy.

to do so is hard..for is a extremly large file uncompressed.

please do not ask me to send the compact flash card..i refuse to do so.

if needed i can get a copy of it made(i will not allow thge original out of my posesion..

another weird thing is that a couple of months later..while back on the east coast..i also seemed to have captured a weird object on my camcorder(in NJ on the beach).

the implication of seeing 2 UFOs like that in such places so far away is a bit disturbing to me..i was not able to catch the second sighting as clearly as my 1st picture..

also after the 1st sighting there were a couple of helicopters aftyer it left...seems was not far from area 51 (as i have since learned)

((NUFORC Note: We will request to see a copy of the photo. We may post it, if the witness permits. PD))