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Occurred : 8/30/2001 01:00 (Entered as : 08/30/01 01:00am)
Reported: 11/1/2001 9:31:54 PM 21:31
Posted: 3/4/2003
Location: Belleville, WI
Shape: Sphere
Duration:20 minutes
Several spherical lights clustered together and moving independently in the SE sky. NOT STARS. Witnessed by Astonomy tutor .

As a former Astronomy tutor at the University, I went outside almost every night this summer to have a cigarette and enjoy the night sky, My roommate and myself watched Mars move across the sky over the summer months.

We were used to seeing the hororscopial constellations moved across the sky through the night and see a changing sky <P> This particular night, I went out rather late in the evening- around 1 am. My porch faces South where Sagittarius (shaped like a big teapot) was pouring her tea and Scorpio was setting in the west. As I looked South and about 30 degrees above the horizon, I saw clusters of stars moving though the clouds. I had to really concentrate to figure out what I was looking at. I counted 11 in one clustered area which made me realize that it just wasn't possible to, by fluke, have <I>That</I> many planes in the sky (at one time) AND in such a close proximity! <P> I woke up my roommate and brought him outside to get a second opinion. Then I realized I could try taking some digital photos. My shots showed clusters of very bright star like and cigar like lights.

We both agreed it was unusual and probably unlikely that so many places could be in one area of the sky at once. We never saw more than three planes on the sky before and this night we saw 15 to 30 of them! <P> I couldn't find my upload cable for my camera, so I just left it for months. I told a few people, but I didn't really want to report it as UFO reporting is bit embarrassing.

<P> Anyway, I happen to live in a place that would probably welcome the story. Belleville, Wisconsin...a city that claims to be "The UFO Capital of the World". Or at least they take on that claim as a motto for their fall --UFO Festival.

This year I took my daughter to the parade and then to the children's games at the local school. One of the friends I told my story to, retold it to a reporter at the festival who found me and asked for an interview. She asked me to email her my photos, which made motivated me to find my camera cable and upload the photos. So, it wasn't until 2 months later that I actually looked at what I photographed.

<P> They are good pictures, although I wish they could have captured the numbers of lights that we saw with our eyes.