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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/31/2001 19:11 (Entered as : 10/31/01 1911)
Reported: 11/3/2001 8:50:17 PM 20:50
Posted: 2/25/2003
Location: San Antonio, TX
Shape: Formation
Duration:2 - 4 min/24 ttl
Very large UFO sighted while masked/hiding in rolling cloud bank at sunset.

Location: San Antonio , TX United States County or area: Bexar Date: 31October , 2001 Time (local time): 7:16 to 7:30PM Precise location: IH 410 West @ IH 35 N Military Base nearby?: Yes Airport nearby?: Yes Description: 7:12 p.m., October 31, 2001 San Antonio, Texas, USA Watching the sunset because of the very unusual cobalt blue and very red/pink layers with a thick, white and darkened cloud bank in the mid region, solid across the horizon. This cloud bank was massive. A Sony Hi-8mm 72x zoom camcorder was being used to capture the moment when the camera caught a ping from the infrared right in the mid section of the cloud bank. Clouds typically make the camera fuzz out because nothing is there to rebound the focus. The focus was almost immediate. It became evident, real fast, that something was either hiding or being masked in the clouds. It may even have been generating the cloud cover. We guess the initial distance to be about 10km+ from our location. The film captured something of encredible size, perhaps 1500'+ in length and no guess on the height. It appeared to have stuff hanging all over it. The IR was scanned above and below this region and found only the fuzz indication of emptyness, nothing to ping back. I know it sounds crazy, but everyone that sees the clip walks away with their eyes wide open and their mouths dropped open and with a stare. Their are appearances of reptilian shapes and symbols on this leathery textured object. It's very strange, but it was there. Viewers in awe after watching the video.

Distance from viewer: 10km - 20km Number of objects: 1 Motion of objects: Extremely still for about 2 minutes, then gone from view and believed to be recaptured about 12 minutes later on film at a much further distance up to about 20km further out away from camerman. Watched the shape at a distance move two different directions and then upward back into the cloud bank and disappear.

Direction of movement: West-NW, eventually moved more NW direction until out of view. About 45 minutes later a helicopter came and spot-lighted the vacinity for almost 45 minutes, spotting into the clouds and all around. Yes, spotting the clouds. About ten minutes later a fighter flew over, up like a rocket and loop to loop out to the same direction of that being filmed. Shortly after that, another fighter repeated the path.

Duration of sighting: From about 7:11pm - 7:34 pm Sound: Very quiet. As a matter of fact, the birds were not as active. Several neighbors did complain of headaches, some associated with a high to low pitch frequencies, twice in the preceding week. Also, brief headaches were noted during the same period, but without the freq noise. Everyone thinks the INS building a few hundred yards away was probably tweaking some security gizmo.

Number of witnesses: Not sure on event. Many have seen the film.

Comments: At least I now know for sure about ET and this part of the mystery has been validated for me.

Background of witness(es): Professional, President of privately held consulting firm.