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National UFO Reporting Center
Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/28/2001 16:21 (Entered as : 10/28/01 16:21pm)
Reported: 11/6/2001 11:33:13 AM 11:33
Posted: 11/20/2001
Location: China Grove, NC
Shape: Unknown
Duration:5-8 seconds
I was driving on Mt. Hope Church Road near my home,and I glanced toward the right and saw a jet with a very long jet stream,and then I looked toward the left and saw what at first appeared to be a bird and it was gliding. I eventually saw no evidence of flapping wings,and this thing stayed on a very steady course,it did not waver or wobble the way a bird would eventually do, I decided that it was not a bird, and I only saw it for a few seconds. I am a member of MUFON as a field invesigator trainee Sincerly, ((name and e-address deleted))