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Occurred : 11/10/2001 14:44 (Entered as : 11/10/01 2:44 pm)
Reported: 11/10/2001 12:03:02 PM 12:03
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Bristol, TN
Shape: Oval
Duration:10 minutes
spherical metallic object witt tail on leading edge

Since sep 11, I have had a habit of looking up to i.d aircraft as they fly over. Clouds at this time are cirrus, high and broken, when a tiny spot caught my eye.At first ,I thought it was a weather baloon(if they still use them), it was at about 35-65 thousand feet, above the clouds,aircraft are below them at cruising altitude, so it passes behind clouds, moving in a zig zag type of movement. As the object gets about 70 degrees of my vertical, it seems to develope a "tail" as would something entering the atmosphere, except the tail is formed on the front of the object(in the direction of movement) As the "tail" grew, the object accelerated,, out of sight behind trees blocking my view. Through binoculars the object was a perfect shiny silver- metallic looking sphere although it reflected no sunlight.The "tail" appendage looked simply like an afterburner on a aircraft except in scale to size it was three times as large as the sphere it'sself. All I can say is wow!

((NUFORC Note: One of two reports from same witness. PD))